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Vicki Stavrou

Vicki Visits Palm Springs

06/07/2024 - 13/07/2024

My passion for painting mid century modernism narratives has, at it’s core, of being born in the 1950’s and a love of swimming pools and exploration.   The post WWII optimism and economic boom reflects the playful and futuristic aspects of mid century modern design.  Motels with large neon signs attracted travellers and highlighted the great American dream.  These motels are now iconic and historic structures.  

Mid century modernism is renowned for it’s vibrant colours and contrasts, it’s fun loving but functional style, and spacious and integrative architectural designs.   A major centre for mid century modernism is Palm Springs, California where most of my narrative paintings are set.

My paintings have a sense of fun and innocence focusing on the lifestyle and architecture in the 1950’s with swimming pool scenes incorporating butterfly houses and iconic motels – living in a simpler, more carefree era with colours and tones that reflect this feeling.

Retro scenes of Barbie and Ken feature in some of my smaller paintings.

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