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Nic Plowman

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Featured below are select recently sold works by Nic Plowman. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Saint (Study No.3) Looking For God (study no.8) Saint Sinner
Love The Fool Almost Human Pope I: The Great
Pope IV: After Velazquez, After Bacon, After God Pope II: A Little Bird Told Me Handsome Devils Anything You Can Do I Can Do (2)
Francis Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better The Nine Lives Of Nic Plowman (study no 2) Aftermath 10 2010 (small study)
Lust (in his eyes) Lazarus (the inheritance of immortality) Love...and Healing D.I.Y Resurrection
Flash Tattoo: Mum Knitting The Infinite Regaining Immortality One Hundred Days....