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Veronica Cay

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Featured below are select recently sold works by Veronica Cay. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

still a mystery to me Flora standing close standing tall sometimes things are a complete mystery (lifedrawing)
keeping the lesson book open (diptych) the sense - memory was a powerful reminder riding marino's pony to banbury cross finding comfort
uccello's hat Folded Lies 1 & 2 when Paula met Henri i was a still life with a a vase of flowers
two sides to every story a fondness for memories past and present beachbathing and there will be dancing in the street
the rhythms of the night at home and at play transitions dancing on the table under a purple sun
the slumber party (great expectations) the sister's had made a pact starry gazey pie trying to remember how to forget