Robyn Sweaney

The Long Road Home
November 20 - December 4

A sense of quietude pervades Robyn Sweaney’s new body of work. The mood is one of introspection and stasis. She explains that her current paintings were created amidst ‘a year of uncertainty and the complexities of a world where our collective experience of multiple lockdowns, orders to ‘stay at home’ and be ‘alone together’ have become the new normal’. The exhibition’s title, Long Road Home, references memories of pre-2020 excursions from Mullumbimby to visit family and the Victorian landscapes of childhood, as well as a 2012 residency in Broken Hill. ‘The vistas and dwellings I had encountered along the way were quite literally, a long way from home!’ remarks Sweaney. ‘More than just reflections on my travels, the imagery embodies the larger issues we’ve all faced. It is about distance, but also love, longing and hope.’ ... more

Veronica Cay

Conversations With My Aunt
October 16 to October 30

A conversation may be defined as an exchange of sentiments, observations and ideas. Buderim-based Veronica Cay’s new body of works reflects a ruminative dialogue with her materials and subject depiction, as well as certain historical art pieces. The drawings, canvases and ceramic figures portray the imaginary conversations that she’d loved to have shared with an adventurous aunt but lacked the opportunity. The aunt had led quite an extraordinary life. In 1936, at the age of 15, she left a very conservative family in Toowoomba to attend Sydney’s National Art School never to return home. ... more

David Green

Weathervanes And A Fish Called Myrtle
October 16 to October 30

Two very different creative approaches are evident in David Green’s current exhibition. Large, incredibly intricate, dip-pen and ink drawings, that take months to complete, are juxtaposed alongside small, gestural and collaged evocations. ‘When I finish a big drawing, I need to clear my head, so I’ll spend a period of time just having fun,’ Green remarks. ‘My work has always fluctuated between fine line and broad brushstrokes; between drawing, drawing/embroideries and painting,’ he furthers. Green relays that this is in all probability a consequence of working as a freelance textile designer in his early days. A constant changing of styles was required to meet the various companies’ niche markets. ... more

Avital Sheffer

Vessel And Verse
September 25 to October 9

Working from her studio in the hills behind the small northern NSW town of Mullumbimby, Avital Sheffer creates profoundly beautiful vessels that have attracted international recognition. An exhibition of Sheffer’s hand-built ceramic art resonates the atmosphere of a sacred space. The forms may be thought of as portals between realms past and future, temporal and spiritual. Sheffer tells that the title for her current body of work ‘refers to the capacity of vessels to tell stories, to store knowledge, to keep records of place and time. There is inherent poetry in such intimate, yet collective memory. I perceive material and spirit as inseparable.’ ... more

Locale - New Works By Three Entrepreneurial Women

Katrina Goldsworthy, Pia Du Pradal, Catherine Baudet
September 15 - 20

Katrina Goldsworthy, Pia Du Pradal and Catherine Baudet are three entrepreneurial women who created an exhibition that explores new directions in their lives. All three women are members of Women Chiefs of Enterprises International, which is a global organization for women business leaders providing collaboration, friendship, and learning in a supportive network of peers. ... more

Robert Ryan

I Found An Old Box Of Paint
August 28 - September 11

Robert Ryan’s new series of works again engages the viewer in a poetic linking of humanity and the natural world. Picture surfaces pulse with linear activity and an astounding array of biomorphic shapes. Sociological and ecological implications are ever present. The exhibition’s title, I Found an Old Box of Paint, may seem curious but Ryan imparts that it has both a metaphorical and quite literal relevance.
‘I opened an old carton of oil paints that I had discovered during the packing up of my print studio below the Barebones Gallery in Bangalow,’ he explains. ‘Long forgotten, it had been stored away when I was preparing to go overseas in the early 2000’s. Some of the tubes would have been from the mid 90’s… a lot of memories in that box!’ ... more

Steve Tyerman

An Island In The Sun
July 31 to August 14

The imagery in Steve Tyerman’s new body of work fosters warm, escapist thoughts of a haven beyond everyday concerns. He tells that the title of the exhibition, An Island in the Sun, refers to the special relationship Australians have with coastal regions. ‘There is something magical about being on the edge of this huge island and looking out to the vastness of the ocean and what lies beyond - and beneath. Despite the ocean’s enormous life-force and the hustle of holiday makers along its beaches, the shoreline has a strangely calming effect.’ ... more

Peter Smets

In The Shadow
June 26 to July 10

Peter Smets’ new body of work revisits the construction activities that now define his oeuvre. ‘Construction sites have always intrigued me,’ he imparts. ‘One day there is nothing and the next a large building!’ The Gold Coast-based artist tells that what happens during the various stages of construction is fascinating and provides copious inspiration. Enclosed behind high barriers, the men and machinery that raise a building from rubble metaphorically exist ‘in the shadow’. For Smets however, they are the ‘making of works of art in themselves’ and worthy of ‘spotlight’ exposure. ... more

Marilyn Peck

Poetry In Motion
May 29 to June 12

Gold Coast-based Marilyn Peck imparts that the exhibition’s miniature artworks are essentially, ‘poetry in motion’. “My second love, after painting, is the writing of poetry,” Marilyn professes. “I approach both the same way. A word or two will set me off and a poem arises with its own rhythm. Similarly, I love the accidental happenings on the picture plane when I drop colour onto wet, hot-pressed Arches paper. These are gifts that ferment the imaginative process.” ... more

Phillip Piperides

May 29 to June 12

A classical, timeless serenity imbues the sculptures Phillip Piperides creates. ‘More than naturalistic representations, my work is about capturing moments which occupy a space in time,’ he imparts. The title of the exhibition, Images, refers to musings and perceptions personified into 3D form. Understanding the unclothed figure as a ‘landscape’ of soft undulations, Piperides searches for a nuance in a live model’s pose that will evoke the essence of his subject. ... more

Carolyn V Watson

let's play pretend
May 1 - May 15

Carolyn V Watson’s new body of work, let’s play pretend, extends her ongoing enquiry into how one might “activate the audience’s curiosity by inverting the familiar and thereby offer new readings of the known”. Beyond a childhood game connotation, the exhibition’s title embodies a deeper signification. It arose from her research into the philosophy of the Russian writer, Viktor Shklovsky. His 1917 treatise, Art as Devise, expounds the notion of ‘defamiliarisation’ in the creation and presentation of art forms. Shklovsky asserted that objects deliberately made ‘unfamiliar’ or strange removed the viewer’s “automatism of perception” so that the ‘commonplace’ might be seen as if for the first time. “Art exists so that one may recover the sensation of life,” he declared. ... more

Martin Edge

Martin's Adventurtes
April 17 - April 30

Much of the imagery in Martin Edge’s new body of work revisits urban landscapes he has previously painted. But each time Martin ventures forth from his Strathpine studio he says “it’s like seeing places for the very first time”. An unfailing positivity and sense of humour always accompanies Martin on his adventures. The omnipresent depiction of city cats and ferries signify the process of being ‘out and about’. Awareness of historical features and keen observational skills direct his course and subsequent renderings. Vibratory colours and schematic representations of sites encountered translate his joyful, immersive experiences. ... more

Jodie Wells

Growing Wild
March 27 - April 10

Once upon a time everything in the natural world was growing wild. Over the eons, certain animals, birds and flowers became domesticated or cultivated by humans for practical or aesthetic purposes. Jodie Wells’ new body of work expresses a desire for a more natural state of being; a return to tactility and away from an electronic, virtual reality. The paintings’ surfaces are palpable. We encounter nature in all its wild, textural vividness through the gestural freedom of her palette knife markings. Rather than realist depictions of flora and fauna, her works aim to convey the 'spirit and energy' of her subjects. ... more

Erica Gray

February 27 - March 13

The physical structures within which we live possess both functional and symbolic qualities, usually an interweaving of both. Home is thought of as a sanctuary – a place to retreat from the world and be oneself. Erica Gray’s current paintings reflect a quest for such. Although the figure is absent from her interiors, a mood of warm intimacy resides amidst the sensuous forces of colour and pattern. ... more

Vicki Stavrou

Golden Daze
January 23 - February 6

Vicki Stavrou understands the communicative power of colour – it functions as a visual language for her. 'I am always immersed in thinking about colour. My main goal in painting is to find the most exciting and beautiful combinations that really sing,' Stavrou declares. In speaking about the exhibition’s title, Golden Daze, she relates that many of her paintings exude an affirmative, golden hue. 'And sometimes I do feel ‘heady’ being so absorbed in the intensity of my colour choices. Working full-time as an artist is living my dream and that too equates to golden days: Golden Daze.' Incidentally, the brand of the paint medium Stavrou always uses is called Golden Acrylics. ... more

Sophie Gralton

Paint By Numbers
December 5 - December 19

Sydney-based Sophie Gralton tells that the title for her new body of work, Paint by Numbers, is a ‘tongue in cheek’ jest as to just how opposite her painterly oeuvre is. The antithesis of predetermined, fastidiously rendered illustrations, her concern is the relationship she has with paint: ‘the excitement of the mark, the loss and gains encountered when creating a new work is my impetus.’ Gralton wants us to respond not solely to the subject matter but also to the aesthetic signals the painting communicates. In this quest she employs a direct technique, the loaded brush spontaneously eliciting form and engendering a visceral reaction. ... more

Charles Blackman

Paintings, drawings and sculpture
November 14 - November 28

Charles Blackman is one of Australia's favourite iconic artists. An acute sense of emotional interplay between the viewer, the subject and the artist is at the center of his artworks. He is particularly renowned for his rendition of feelings and the feminine, showing up and focusing on particularities of the most tender and complex emotions that are difficult to express in any other way. ... more

Samantha Everton

at Tedder Avenue
October 17 to October 31

As an introduction to the new Tedder Avenue gallery, Anthea Polson Art presents a selection of limited-edition photographic artworks by the multi-awarded Samantha Everton. The unerring integrity of her photographic processes and an innate ability to access the subliminal in sumptuous visual narratives has won significant international acclaim for the Melbourne-based artist. Numerous series of works spanning 13 years have visually explored subjects “straddling dual worlds” in a quest for self-identity and transcendence amidst cultural variances. ... more

Jill Lewis

Sociable Species
September 26 to October 10

Curious hybrid creatures, schematic figures and plant forms advance and submerge amidst linear markings and colourful geometric shapes. They personify Jill Lewis’s musings about the worlds within and around her. Akin to the intent and pictorial techniques employed by primitive and ancient cultures, the scenarios are invested with symbolism. “As in Egyptian frescoes, the size and position of the characters can be representative of their significance in my own imagined stories,” she imparts. ... more

Robert Ryan

Tadpoles And Frogs
August 15 to August 28

Secreted somewhere amidst tangles of filigreed foliage may lie the little tadpole and frog pond that was the inspiration for Robert Ryan’s intended new body of works. The pond and its creatures had been a chance discovery he’d made as a child during a brief roadside stop on a long journey. The rebuff of his plea to come see its wonders was his first inkling that he possessed an innate awareness of the ‘other’ shared by very few – the artist’s perspective! ... more

Steve Tyerman

Where The Ocean Meets The Land
July 18 - August 1, 2020

Characterised by an intense involvement in the materiality of paint, Steve Tyerman’s works are the outcome of an intimate engagement with the environment. His art however, communicates a visual experience beyond the strictures of traditional landscape painting. Form, space, colour and light become simultaneously resolved in the immediacy of the palette knife gesture. ... more

Martin Edge

As Days Go By
June 27 - July 11

The title of the exhibition, As Days Go By, subtly references Martin Edge’s time in his Strathpine studio. The walls are aglow in a bright orange hue - his favourite colour since childhood - and bedecked in photos and clippings. An impressive collection of antique curios provides quiet company. Commenting on his experience of the recent lockdown he says, “It sometimes felt like I was stopped forever at a red traffic light and waiting for it to turn green! But my sense of humour is still going strong, painting makes me happy.” Martin’s vibrant works resonate with his sense of joie de vivre and optimism. ... more

Cathy Quinn

From Within
May 2 - May 16

Melbourne based artist Cathy Quinn is well recognised for her joyful fluid oil paintings. She creates abstracted landscapes taking pictorial cues from places visited. The artists outdoor scenes are grounded in familiar terrain, yet they are a combination of memories of place melded together to create her own world. She speaks about mood being an important aspect of these works and that time and place evoke the feeling and direction of the painting. ... more

Veronica Cay

the games that play us and dancing on the moon
March 21 - April 5

Art expression is a way of attempting to fathom the myriad chaotic inputs entering our consciousness from the everyday world and beyond. Perception, memory and experience may entwine in subsequent scenarios that defy a wholly logical explanation. Veronica Cay describes her collage works and ceramic sculptures as abstract vehicles to encourage reflection upon the human condition. Elucidating the title of her current exhibition, 'the games that play us and dancing on the moon', she tells how the altering of a familiar phrase ‘the games we play’ to ‘the games that play us’ connotes the powerful effect words can have on our viewing of a situation: ‘Currently it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate for the truth of what is happening around us. Given the endless white noise bombarding the senses from so many sources, we may as well be dancing on the moon!’ ... more

Sophie Gralton

Thoughts Of The Past Seen
January 18 - February 1

Sydney-based Sophie Gralton’s new body of work aims to evoke a sense of integration between the past and the present and promote an awareness of the ever-evolving process towards individuation. Her signature imagery of an ‘isolated’ child is largely self-referential but intends a universal relevance. Gralton recounts that the initial inspiration for her oeuvre arose during a trip to Paris in 2007. There she became intrigued with Dutch 17th century portraits of children which were rendered as mini-adults and had hidden layers of meaning encoded in certain symbols and gestures. ... more

Melissa Egan

November 30 - December 14

'Everything has a story,' states Melissa Egan. 'Not just people, but each creature, tree and stone has a history.' She understands that the art of story-telling was highly valued in times gone by for it was the means by which a culture’s traditions were kept alive. Melissa’s enchanting visual tales however have a somewhat contrary intent. They transport the viewer far from the everyday and into another world where gravity has been cancelled and specifics of time and place have long since dissolved. In the words of the late Robert Hughes, we are 'offered a glimpse of a universe into which we can move without strain. It is not the world as it is, but as our starved senses desire it to be.' ... more

Carolyn V Watson

tall tales and true
November 9 - November 23

At once both intensely personal and universal in implication, Carolyn V Watson’s sculptures and paintings search for a momentary revelation of the inexplicable. There are questions to be asked, riddles to solve. She describes the exhibition as “a playful experiment in expectation”. “I want to activate the audience’s curiosity by inverting the familiar and thereby offer new readings of the known.” The show’s title alludes to the cryptic clues embedded in exaggeration and fables that can unlock a door into another awareness. ... more

The Shape Of Things

Bowen, Cay, Gray, Halpern, Klarfeld, Piperides, Redford, Sheffer, Watson, West
October 19 - October 30

The most obvious property of a sculpture is its ‘solidity’ and occupation of real space. Just as in the very earliest shamanistic precursors, sculptures not only describe the shape of things observed but also intuited. The forms may emanate metaphysical and philosophical dimensions that transcend their physical matter. In this exhibition eight artists employing a diverse range of processes and media translate personal understandings of The Shape of Things. ... more

Elaine Green

Changing Moods
September 21 - October 5

Rather than ’framing Nature’, Elaine Green’s work has always resonated the 19th century Romantic notion of elevating landscape painting to a metaphysical level. It is seen as the extension of an inner sense of being, a place where Nature and Self are fused. The difference between the observer and the observed is subsumed in a boundless luminosity. 'Like all artists I am constantly seeking the light,' she reflects. 'The troposphere, constantly in motion, provides never-ending inspiration and challenges to capture that light and the changing moods of the environment.' ... more

Seabastion Toast

Fast Mountains, Slow Birds
September 21 - October 5

The title of Seabastion Toast’s new body of work embodies the notion of a fleeting, intangible ‘present’. Thought provoking, the apparent contradiction in its conjunction of words serves to liberate the imagination from the confines of convention and a linear reality. “I have a long standing interest in the tension and spaces between dichotomies,” she remarks. “It’s to do with perception. I like the enigmatic title of the show because it speaks of the subjective nature of time; the impermanence of things, the briefly wondrous.” ... more

Samantha Everton

Survey Exhibition 2005 - 2018
July 27 - August 10

The exhibition celebrates Melbourne-based Samantha Everton’s 13 years of internationally recognised and multi-awarded photographic art making. The six series of works each visually explores the ‘straddling of dual worlds’ in a quest for self-identity and transcendence amidst cultural variances. Everton divulges she only subsequently realised that the scenarios and the characters inhabiting them had ‘grown up’ or evolved over the years, finding culmination and resolution in her most recent series, Indochine. ... more

Jill Lewis

Silent Conversations
June 22 - July 6

Fanciful, hybrid creatures populate Jill Lewis’s densely textured surfaces. Metaphorical intent imbues the imagery and her ‘silent conversations’. “Painting is my preferred method of communication with the world,” says the Melbourne-based artist. “I think in pictures.” Jill describes herself as a “bit of a people watcher”, revealing that it provides abundant inspiration for her art making. “Observing people's behaviours from a distance can often tell me more about them than hearing their words. I'm interested in body language and facial expressions, particularly those conveyed in different social situations. It’s about the position characters take when relating to one another within a particular context and space. For me the canvas equates to such a space.” ... more

Dean Bowen

The House Of Kindness - Paintings and Sculpture
May 25 - June 8

Like an echo across time and now through the eyes of an adult I revisit the theme of the home, along with other favourite themes and ideas inspired by everyday life and memories of the Australian countryside, city life, travel and literature. ... more

Peter Smets

April 27 - May 11

Peter Smets’ new body of work again accents the consequences of progress and technological change upon the landscape and its inhabitants. Carefully researched source material has been meticulously reconstructed in the studio where significant imagery was lifted out of its original context and presented as aesthetic phenomena. The sense of actual place is ambiguous but we inevitably feel a familiarity. Although cultural, environmental and economic interests are implicit, the paintings have an extraordinary psychological presence and metaphorical relevance. ... more

Jodie Wells

Wild And Wonderful
March 23 - April 6

Jodie’s art makes no attempt to capture flora and fauna as a naturalist painter might do. An intense involvement with the materiality of her oil medium lifts her imagery beyond mere representation. The instinctual energy of Jodie’s luscious markings radiates a direct, sensory appeal. We encounter nature in all its textural vividness through the gestural freedom and quality of her palette knife technique. The vitality of Jodie’s tactile surfaces offers an alternative way to respond to our own environments - to experience the pleasure in just looking and feeling without recourse to analysis. ... more

Marilyn Peck

Trilogy - Exhibition and Book Launch
January 19 - February 2

Sir Gawain and the Perilous Graveyard is the final book in Marilyn Peck’s Sir Gawain Trilogy. It is based on a chivalric romance written by an anonymous author in 13th century, the manuscript of which is preserved in the Musee Conde, Chantilly, France. As in Peck’s previous works the text was personally translated from Middle English diction and subsequently illuminated. Fifty-four sumptuous illustrations aspire to manifest the esoteric dimensions inherent in all Arthurian tales. ... more

Little Treasures

A Christmas Exhibition
December 15

Christmas signifies a special time of joy and hope. To celebrate the season and give warm thanks to the gallery’s artists, valued friends and clients, Anthea Polson Art each year hosts a Christmas party and group exhibition featuring works by the represented artists. ... more

Sophie Gralton

Through Myself And Back Again
December 1 - 14

In cultures dominated by logic, intellect and linear thinking, life can become a problem to be solved rather than a mystery to be enjoyed. Sydney-based Sophie Gralton’s signature imagery animates a shift in consciousness back to a more intuitive realm – that of the vulnerable innocence, curiosity, spontaneity and unbounded potentiality which characterises childhood. ... more

Charles Blackman

Survey and Retrospective Exhibition - Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture
November 24 - 30

The Charles Blackman survey exhibition at Anthea Polson Art celebrates the ninetieth year of one of Australia’s greatest cultural icons. Charles passed away shortly after his birthday in August this year. A vital force in every sense, he kept working right up until his final days, bringing forth quite illuminated and spiritual images. ... more

Robert Ryan

Moving Backwards
October 27 - November 10

Robert Ryan has always immersed himself in the process of life, his paintings interpreting and distilling experience. His new body of work documents recent wayfaring through landscapes of place, time and consciousness. Although embodying two distinct painting styles, the underlying theme remains the individual’s relationship to one’s surroundings and situation. Ryan explains that the show’s title, Moving Backwards, refers not to any sense of reversion or a hankering for bygone circumstances, but the convoluting aspects encountered in relocating home and studio to a faraway region of ancestral significance. ... more

Marise Maas

Schemes And Scenarios
October 27 - November 10

There exists a reality that is best communicated by means of a visual language. To access that nebulous realm, Marise Maas’ art making always begins in a state of quietude. The Melbourne-based artist describes her paintings as anecdotes that manifest the ‘remarkable mundane’ in everyday life. Devoid of pretension and with elegant simplicity, Maas articulates her perceptions of the little schemes and scenarios going on around her. ... more

Veronica Cay

Reflections From the Rabbit Hole
Author Jacqueline Houghton September 29 - October 13 2018

The term 'rabbit hole' is a metaphor for an entry into the unknown. Stemming from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it refers to a journey through nonsensical situations that become increasingly surreal and disorienting. To view Sunshine Coast-based Veronica Cay's new series of works is to plummet into such a realm. Cay describes... ... more

Nick Howson

The World Is My Village
August 25 - September 8

Howson's paintings have never been literal representations. Although triangular-roofed houses inform the imagery, they exist as a visual language. His concern lies more in using them as vehicles for abstract investigations into colour value and pictorial structure. Every geometrical shape and motif has been carefully composed to produce aesthetic outcomes. The utilisation of a... ... more

Nikky Morgan-Smith

A Moment In Time
Author Jacqueline Houghton August 4 - August 18

Nikky's recent paintings reflect her ongoing fascination with the scientific concept of murmuration: the moment in time when flocking birds instantaneously change direction. It is such critical transitions in nature that herald the edge of change and transformation. In response, her winged paintings have little to do with allegorical intent but rather, seek to express the very essence of movement. Nikky's artistic approach is as fluid and unpredictable as the murmuration phenomena in negotiating the threshold between meaning and medium. ... more

Emily Besser

Unravelling / A Place I Know
Author Jacqueline Houghton August 4 - August 18

Emily's paintings map the experience of her contemplative daily walks along the forest's pathways. Inspiration is everywhere! The highly abstracted, mixed media landscapes have a kind of life we do not normally see. She understands that the material world, although appearing dense and solid, is fundamentally made up of vibratory connective energy. The works capture the flux of nature and her creative spirit through imagery and the spontaneity of approach. The artist is expressing a state of awareness in which inner and outer worlds simultaneously manifest. ... more

Martin Edge

A Day With Martin
July 28 - August 11

One cannot help but respond to the sense of joie de vivre expressed in Martin Edge's brightly coloured paintings. It is a quality that earned his work a placement in Canberra's Parliament House Collection and Artbank, as well as being a finalist in the prestigious Salon des Refuses for three years running. Innately optimistic, Martin paints that which delights him. ... more

Cathy Quinn

The Still Of Day
Author Jacqueline Houghton July 7 - July 21

Rather than being realistic representations, Quinn's paintings seek to convey the experience of an immersion in landscape and the joy of special times shared with family and friends. She recounts how everyday concerns evaporate when looking into the expanse above and beyond; her skin brushed by a gentle breeze carrying the clean, salty smell of the sea; the air alive with a chorus of insects. ... more

Samantha Everton

Indochine - New Seies Launch
June 16 - June 30

Acclaimed photographer Samantha Everton will this year present Indochine, a dynamic new exhibition series which explores the intersection of Western influences and Eastern traditions. Indochine depicts a woman navigating the conflicting cultural pressures of the East and the West. Exuding visual luxury and vivid sensuality, the artworks plunge the viewer into a colour-saturated dreamscape. The series explores the encroachment of Western fashion within Asian cultures and the struggle for authenticity amidst contemporary influences.
... more

Melitta Perry

The Quickening
May 26 - June 9

Huge skies vault over brown-grassed plains that stretch to distant horizons. A single house stands seemingly mute in the absence of human habitation. The sense of quietude is profound, but look more closely at Melitta Perry's landscapes, something is astir - the quickening. ... more

Seabastion Toast

Ways Of Mapping Sunshine
26 May

Sunshine generally connotes warmth, vitality and a sense of contentment. In many world traditions it is synonymous with the radiance of spiritual enlightenment. Although philosophical and ecological musings inform the imagery in Seabastion Toast's new body of work, her intention is more to do with sunshine's power to illuminate and educe form. The title of the exhibition really describes what we do as painters, explains Toast. Everything we see is a reflection of light. My subjects operate to map the beams of light as they bounce off form. I am searching for the visual rhythms. ... more

Melissa Egan

April 21 - May 12

Autumnal harvest festivals throughout the ages have celebrated the forces of nature, bringing the community together to share the joy of abundance and listen to bardic ruminations. The art of storytelling was highly valued for it was the means by which a culture's traditions and values were kept alive through tales both entertaining and instructive. Aptly titled and timed, Melissa Egan's latest exhibition presents as a visual cornucopia harvested from the fertile depths of an imagination that ‘garlands’ personal experience and historical vignettes. ... more

Robyn Sweaney

The Nature Of Things
March 24 - April 27

Robyn Sweaney is renowned for her images of houses that signify something beyond their often unremarkable facades. A distillation of observed and remembered phenomena, her paintings conjure a sense of introspective quietude. She has always been interested in architectonic precepts, particularly those pertaining to post-war Modernism. Her new body of work however, has been subtly infused with ideas fostered as a consequence of reading the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius’ theories. He believed that architecture affected the everyday life of citizens and therefore should emulate the universal laws of nature. ... more

Phillip Piperides

the NUDE
February 24 - March 10

A classical serenity embues the bronzes Piperides creates. Light gently caresses rounded volumes and lustrous, burnished surfaces. Enormous skill is required in the lengthy and painstaking processes involved in bringing mute, raw materials into a life-suffused, physical reality. Piperides meticulously presides over every stage. In the new body of work, rather than striving for a preconceived outcome, he has responded to the poses his live models have naturally assumed. ... more

The Collectables

February 24 - March 10

The Collectables exhibition presents art lovers and collectors with a rare opportunity to access the works of historically important artists who were seminal to the evolution of a distinctly Australian visual vernacular. Seldom seen beyond the confines of national galleries and museums, the paintings on show span the decades from the early twentieth century through to contemporary times with artists likely to be among the future stars of the Australian art market. ... more

Small Gifts

The Christmas Exhibition
Dec 23, 2017 to Jan 15, 2018

Christmas signifies a special time of joy and hope. To celebrate the season and give warm thanks to the gallery’s artists and valued friends and clients, every year Anthea Polson Art hosts a Christmas party and group exhibition featuring a work by each of the represented artists... ... more

Avital Sheffer

The Generous Vessel
December 2 - December 15

An Avital Sheffer vessel resonates a palpable presence born of its primordial substance and her visual articulation of a profound understanding that embraces the natural, corporeal and spiritual worlds. “There is a universal artistic lineage which touches a place that is beyond time and cultural dichotomies,” says the now internationally acclaimed ceramic artist. “The integration of notions of utility, aesthetics and divinity in vessel-form is as ancient as conscious existence.” ... more

Christabel Blackman

Love And Other Treasures
November 18 - December 1

Inspiration slips easily into Christabel’s world. Surrounded by gardens, cats, art and music, she doesn’t have to search far to find her pictorial muse. Images appear amidst her daily life; the cat observing a pair of dueling butterflies in her florid garden, her beautiful daughter arriving home clasping a single symbolic rose or an open window with patterned curtains swirled by a gentle breeze. She has explored these images further by focusing on their underlying unifying force, which is that of love. ... more

Carolyn V Watson

October 28 to November 11

‘There is a certain sensitivity and heightened awareness, seemingly peculiar to artists, that compels them to investigate the vicissitudes of life - to probe relentlessly at some existential core’. The profound ruminations underpinning Carolyn V Watson’s subject matter may be said to exemplify this dictum. An interaction of medium and meaning, her sculptures and ‘drawn paintings’ on linen embody a dimension of experience that helps define our humanness.
... more

Jodie Wells

September 30 - October 14

Unconcerned with symbolic import or socio-historic context, Jodie Wells’ paintings simply present a poetic linking with her domestic environment. “My studio is in my house, so working from home I have found inspiration from those things that are near to me - the objects and animals that I notice while doing my everyday activities and down at Byron Bay where I buy my art supplies,” says the northern Gold Coast artist. ... more

Elaine Green

Clouds, Mist And Other Illusions
August 26 - September 9

Coalescing, dissolving – ever shifting, clouds and mists wreath primordial peaks in Elaine Green’s new body of work. The imagery portrays the majesty of the northern NSW landscape but also emanates a metaphysical sensibility. ... more

Nikky Morgan-Smith

July 31, 2017

Throughout the ages, the marvel of birds in flight has fascinated mankind. It came to symbolise freedom and the imagination: an elevation above the merely corporeal. Kindred musings have prompted Nikky Morgan-Smith’s ongoing interest in... ... more

Kristin Tennyson

Marking Territory
July 29 - August 12

When Kristin Tennyson migrated from the icy wildernesses of Canada to tropical far northern Queensland in 1993 it was more than the environmental contrast that stimulated her creative impulse. An ongoing rumination about how a sense of place shapes the human psyche and the means of relating to one’s habitat invests her latest body of work. She describes her practice as... ... more

Cate Maddy

Loud and Lunatic
May 25, 2017

In Cate Maddy’s previous exhibition with Anthea Polson Art she created beautiful artificial worlds to assuage her longing for nature and a feeling of disconnectedness from it, saying, “My paintings are as if scraped off the city’s walls... ... more

Harold Collins 1892-1992

A Travelling Exhibition Of Images From The Front Lines Of Gallipoli
May 22 - June 18

As part of this travelling exhibition Southeast Queensland audiences are fortunate to have the opportunity to view photographs taken directly from the battlefields of Gallipoli.
From 22 May to 18 June Anthea Polson Art Gallery will host a World War l photographic exhibition featuring the photos taken by Australian Jewish soldier Harold Emanuel Collins. ... more

sophie gralton

Every Child
April 22 - May 6

The focus of Sydney-based Sophie Gralton’s art lies in the quality of interaction between medium and meaning. For her, what matters most is not visual accuracy but the relationship between image and ground and the seduction of visual surfaces. It is a misconception to think of Gralton’s work as primarily a nostalgic reflection on bygone times. On the contrary, she eschews any notion of sentimentality. ... more

Peter Smets

Men At Work
March 25 - April 8

It is impossible not to become absorbed in the refined detail and mood of a Peter Smets’ painting. Never a mere recorder of visual facts, he deconstructs our habitual ways of seeing. With consummate skill, he persuades us that the contemporary world of industry and technology offers unexpected opportunities for aesthetic musings. Although the imagery in Smets’ new body of work revisits the construction sites that define his oeuvre, he tells that his interest is currently focused on the men who work there, albeit they are for the most part depicted in quiet moments of respite. ... more

Veronica Cay

portraits from an ordinary life
February 25 - March 11 2017

Art, like life, is an undulating dance alternately radiant in possibilities, shadowed with limitations and then bright with resolution. A visceral understanding of such permeates Veronica Cay’s ceramic sculptures, collaged works and drawings which she describes as vehicles to encourage a reflection upon the human condition. “Manifesting the struggle in their making, the imagery can be complex and sometimes appear unresolved but this is purposeful as my intention is to express what it is to be human with all our frailties evident,” she offers. This sensibility was recently recognised with a successful exhibition in Berlin’s renowned August Strasse gallery district, as well as an invitation to present a course in Mexico City late last year. ... more

Artist's Choice

Christmas Exhibition
December 17 2016

Every year in celebration of the season and to thank our artists and valued clients, Anthea Polson Art hosts a Christmas party and special group exhibition featuring a work by each of the gallery's represented artists. Our eighth such event will be an especially festive occasion for we will be celebrating it in the new gallery at Marina Mirage. ... more

Melissa Egan

December 3 - December 16

A Melissa Egan painting has the power to transport the viewer far from the everyday and into another world where gravity has been cancelled and notions of time and place have long since dissolved. In her current series of works, the characters inhabiting the luminous realms reference those ‘quiet’ heroes who enliven our sensibilities and collude in our escapist dreams: the artists, poets, explorers and dissidents who have valiantly defied the status quo of their times. ... more

Robyn Sweaney

Fade to blue
November 12 - November 26 2016

Sweaney is nationally recognised for her images of houses that sensitively document a way of life now in flux and her recent paintings.... ... more

Gordon Richards

Featured Artist of the Month

Gordon Richards celebrates the simple pleasures in works of art that bring visual delight to the viewer. His universe is one of light and radiant energy. “I am always attracted to the light dancing between objects and glinting off surfaces. Most of my images have a strong point of light. Light also refers to the subjects I convey through paint and charcoal,” he smiles. “The compositions are a bit like impromptu drawings or visual ramblings based on musings of events past and present.” ... more

Jodie Wells

September 10 - September 23

The title, Spring, is an apt one for Jodie Wells’ latest exhibition which opens in a season when all nature quickens and we too experience... ... more

Craig Handley

August 20 to September 3

Images of the landscape, be it rural, urban, suburban, have connotations for the artist whether we are aware of them or not. In scenes invested with symbolic twists and personal relevance, Craig Handley subtly communicates social, environmental and aesthetic considerations. In manifesting the anomalies, his works challenge habitual perceptions regarding our common environs. ... more

Claudio Kirac

Featured Artist of the Month.
August 1, 2016

Accord, exhilaration and luminous colour are the order of the day in compositions that constantly adapt and morph with the energies surging about and through him. A sense of immediacy permeates... ... more

Cathy Quinn

Alternate Reality
July 16 2016

The logic of reproducing appearances has been abandoned in Cathy Quinn’s, shimmering, ambiguous landscapes. “My current practice is... ... more

Carolyn V Watson

Featured Artist of the Month
June 1, 2016

The evidence of process and a respect for the handmade is an integral component in all of Carolyn V Watson's works. One can feel the maker's energy in them as they embody life, time and the decisions made. ... more

Nikky Morgan-Smith

Featured Artist of the Month
May 1, 2016

To coincide with her exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery, Anthea Polson Art will showcase during May a selection of Nikky... ... more

The Next Generation

Cay, Edge, Flannery, Kirac, Lincoln
April 30 - May 14

The Next Generation showcases the innate vitality of contemporary art through the varied creative approaches of five emerging artists: Veronica Cay, Martin Edge, Erin Flannery, Claudio Kirac and Gaye Lincoln. ... more

Karlee Rawkins

Lucky Catch
February 27 - March 12

For millennia the mythic image has been a means for bringing the incomprehensible into the realm of the tangible. Through subject and painterly process, Karlee Rawkins has ever followed in this most abstract of quests... ... more

Anthea Polson Art Comes to Melbourne

Comes to melbourne
February 5 to February 13

Anthea Polson Art comes to Melbourne in February for a nine day program showcasing the varied and exceptional talents of a number of the gallerys represented artists. ... more

Precious Things Come In Small Parcels

A Christmas Exhibition
December 19 - January 16

These small paintings and sculptures offer a wonderful opportunity to collect a favourite artists work. With the great diversity in subject, style and medium, the exhibition showcases the creativity of the gallerys represented artists in adapting to a smaller manner of expression. ... more

Peter Smets

December 5, 2015

Moon-silvered clouds drift through the immensity of inky night skies. Far below, moonlighting activities are... ... more

Avital Sheffer

Lines Of Descent
November 21 - December 2

Avital Sheffers vessels embody the story of humanity with an aesthetic rooted in millennia-old Mediterranean and... ... more

Deborah Halpern

Strange Creatures from a Phenomenal Planet
November 7, 2015

For the last thirty years I have endeavoured to create work that will inspire, delight and surprise. In the past I have explored form and colour using clay which becomes ceramic, wax which becomes bronze, fibreglass, as well as paint and ink on canvas and paper. Now I am intrigued by... ... more

Charles Blackman b.1928

A Drawing A Day
October 31 - November 7

Anthea Polson Art is privileged and delighted to present an exclusive exhibition of Charles Blackmans black and white drawings from the 1970s and onwards. The series has been selected by Christabel Blackman from a personal... ... more

John Giese

October 17, 2015

Profound philosophical musings underpin the robustness emanating from John Gieses works. The power of interconnectedness and transformation starts within us. And the... ... more

Steve Tyerman

Ebb And Flow
September 19 to October 3, 2015

Instinctual energy permeates Steve Tyermans works. Characterised by an intense involvement in the materiality of paint they are the outcome of an intimate engagement with the environment. Although representations of specific locations... ... more

Seabastion Toast

Border Track
September 19 - October 3, 2015

Characterised by a vitality of spontaneous gesture, the Border Track paintings are the outcome of an unusual combination of athleticism and creativity suffused with philosophical and ecological concerns. Running is when I do most of my thinking and escaping... ... more

Melissa Egan

August 15, 2015

Utopia is an imagined place in which everything is perfect, an Eden or Happy Valley where humanity is content and in harmony with nature. Melissa Egans new body of work has been created with... ... more

Christabel Blackman

Dreams And Other Feline Pursuits
July 18 - August 1

Christabel Blackmans new works again invite us to enter a rhapsodic world governed by sensory delight and the eternal moment. An evocative writer, she shares the memories and dreams that have inspired these paintings...
I recently returned to my Spanish studio which lies on the out-skirting hills of a medieval... ... more

Jodie Wells

Beyond The Backdoor
June 27 - July 11

Jodies subjects are not consciously invested with any symbolic import. They quite simply convey a delight in the natural world expressed through a deep engagement with the plasticity of her... ... more

Gordon Richards

May 16 to May 30

Gordon Richards universe is full of light and radiant energy. He is a painter whose creative impulse is essentially life affirming and celebratory. ... more

Nikky Morgan-Smith

April 4 to April 18

Rich in metaphor, Nikkys imagery has both anthropomorphic and self-referential intent. Painting is my language, she continues. I see my art practice as a way of... ... more

Blue Chip Exhibition

April 4 - April 18

Anthea Polson Art has one of Australias largest commercial stock rooms of major investment works. The Blue Chip exhibition presents art lovers and collectors with a rare opportunity to view the works of historically significant artists not usually seen beyond the confines of national public galleries and museums.
... more

Anwen Keeling

Recent Paintings
March 2015

Redolent with enigma, Anwen Keelings intimate narratives are characterized by dramatic, single-source illumination. Cocooned in states of introspective reverie her subjects are oblivious to the external world. These are hushed, immensely personal spaces. The mood is languorous as a slow rhythm and stasis of light falls across motionless bodies. ... more

Samantha Everton - 2 Girls Building Launch

Survey Exhibition, Abbotsford Victoria
Saturday February 28

On Saturday February 28 Anthea Polson Art, in conjunction with Peter Cahill of Domain Hill Property Group and KUD Architects, will be holding a Survey exhibition of Samantha Evertons work during the official launch of the 2 Girls Building in Abbotsford Victoria... ... more

Marilyn Peck

A Retrospective
Feb 21 - March 7

A celebration of the 'dance of life', Marilyn Peck's retrospective exhibition chronicles an evolving aesthetic through the mediums of painting, storytelling and poetry. Marilyn Peck's creative output has been prodigious... ... more


A Christmas Exhibition
December 20,

Every year in celebration of the season and to thank our artists and valued clients, Anthea Polson Art hosts a Christmas party and special group exhibition featuring a work by each of the gallery's represented artists. ... more

Emma Gale

Patterns And Pathways
December 6 - December 20 2014

Emmas synthesis of disparate decorative elements is epitomized in her now iconic Frida Kahlo imagery but the exhilaration of a very recent trip to New York City was the catalyst for new exploration into the potential of pattern. I was so excited to be in the Big Apple - the city that never sleeps. ... more

Peter Smets

In The Spotlight
November 15 - November 29

With a keen and inventive eye, Smets paints a broader range of luminance than is usually visible. The extraordinary realism he achieves owes much to his... ... more

Peta Houghton

A Casual Spirit
October 11 - October 25

My immediate environment and experiences imbue the imagery in the new works. A two-minute stroll down the road finds me in a small, seaside Chinese village. It predates Macaus Portuguese colonisation and is overlooked by a huge, butter-yellow Catholic church and a row of mint green colonial mansions. A further walk and I am amidst casinos that promise ... more

Amanda van Gils

October 11 - October 25

Departing from her now signature motion landscapes, Amanda van Gils new works reintroduce the figure. In passages of mottled light and active brushwork, the paintings make commentary on how the proliferation of digital technology has influenced the way we record and recall experience.
The paintings in Man and Boy document the capturing of moments deemed important to the photographer. The Man and Boy appearing in some ... more

Diverse Perspectives

Cottrell, Douglas, Edge and Lincoln
September 20 - October 4

Diverse Perspectives showcases the innate vitality of contemporary art through the very varied approaches of four artists. Pushing aesthetic boundaries both visually and in the use of materials, Douglas, Lincoln, Cottrell and Edge seek to communicate their private visions. The broad spectrum of creative expression extends our own perceptions, encouraging us to see and experience in new, imaginative ways ... more

Nikky Morgan-Smith

Imaginary Menagerie
August 9 - August 23

In early cultures, imagination and reality were not separated in the way that is habitual to the modern mind. Instead, they represented two equally valid dimensions of existence, the inner and outer worlds... ... more

Steve Tyerman

New Frontiers
August 9 - August 23

Although representations of a specific location, Tyermans art communicates a visual experience beyond the strictures of traditional landscape painting. His vistas manifest a palpability as considerations of form, space, colour and light are resolved in the immediacy of... ... more

Vitor dos Santos

Cartoons and Jam Sandwiches
July 19, 2014

When we were children our drawing held magical properties: a circle could be a sun, a face, a flower; lines were alive with possibilities. Vitor dos Santos new body of work seeks to recapture those magical-symbolic... ... more

Kristin Tennyson

Sunday Best
July 19, 2014

When Kristin Tennyson migrated from the icy wildernesses of Canada to tropical far northern Queensland in 1993 it was more than the patent, environmental contrast that stimulated her creative impulse. An ongoing rumination about how a sense of place shapes... ... more

Carolyn V Watson

July 19, 2014

At once both intensely personal and universal in their implication, ten intimately small, painted works and three remarkable sculptures express Carolyn V Watsons endeavour to elicit 'moments of empathy' through a visual and 'poetic triggering'... ... more

Simon Collins

The Bay
June 28, 2014

There is a tendency now to view life in terms of fixed compartmentalised states, whereas we really live in a world of continuity and are part of an ongoing fluid... ... more

Christabel Blackman

The Pleasures of Life
June 28, 2014

Christabel Blackmans extraordinary life imbues her luminous paintings. Being the daughter of painter Charles Blackman and writer Barbara Blackman ensured a most atypical childhood, much of it spent in far off lands. She is consequently fluent in five languages... ... more

Karlee Rawkins

Rhonda's Magic Garden
May 24, 2014

Widely travelled and now living in the mountainous region between Bellingen and Dorrigo, Karlee Rawkins is acutely aware of how the human, spiritual and natural worlds are intrinsically related... ... more

Samantha Everton

Sang Tong
April 26, 2014

Samantha Everton possesses an innate ability to access interior states of being in sumptuous visual narratives that have profound cross-cultural, sociological and... ... more

Belynda Henry

March 29, 2014

Mountains, trees, lake and water reflections coalesce in an immersive tranquility. We experience the calm rhythm of a landscape reassembled, jigsaw-like from fragments ... more

Claire Bridge

Air Born
March 29, 2014

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. Leonardo da Vinci ... more

Nic Plowman

Kings, Popes and Other Fools
March 8

Plowmans introspective musings were tempered by the rationalist philosophies of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. Aided by a collection of images. Some appropriations of old paintings and religious works, Catholic prayer cards and wildlife photography, he began his weighty task. ... more

Jodie Wells

Feathers and Fillies
February 15, 2014

Feathered creatures have been traditionally thought of as mediators between the material and spirit worlds. ... more

Emma Gale

Cultural Crossroads
January 11 - January 31

A vibrant melange of cross-cultural traditions, Emma Gales imagery explodes with the all the energy and excitement of the Swinging Sixties and Psychedelic Seventies. Those were heady times when western youth ventured out, and within, in search of new experiences and cosmic understandings. ... more

The Colour Red

Christmas Exhibition
14 December 2013

Every year in celebration of the season and to thank our artists and valued clients, Anthea Polson Art hosts a Christmas party and special group exhibition featuring a work by each of the gallerys represented artists. ... more

Robyn Sweaney

November 16 - November 30 2013

Each painting in the Topia series is as carefully and lovingly wrought as the manicured gardens they depict. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, colour interactions and compositional factors, a curious glow emanates ... more

Phillip Piperides

The Artist's Model
November 2 to November 16

There is a timeless serenity to the bronzes Phillip Piperides creates. Light gently caresses rounded volumes and lustrous, burnished surfaces. A union of ideal and reality, the figures convey a profoundly Classical air. Beyond the anatomical perfection and modulated play of light, the works engage the viewer at a deeper, more contemplative level. ... more

Melissa Egan

Bad Boys
October 19, 2013

Mad, bad and dangerous to know, so goes the cautionary saying about bad boys. Cocky, brash, and... ... more

Nick Howson

September 21, 2013

It has been said that the traditions of the past provide the platform from which the artist makes his leap of imagination... ... more

John Giese

Beyond the Known
August 17, 2013

Through weathered, Asiatic wooden portals the unsealed track leads over... ... more

Gordon Richards

July 20, 2013

The aesthetic beauty of flowers has inspired poets and artists throughout the ages and especially the rose that was considered to be the queen of all flowers. Universally, the rose is the flower of love, symbolising... ... more

Mitchell Kelly

June 29, 2013

For me, the landscape is not a static or temporary structure. It is a culmination of change: natural, man-made, and spatiotemporal... ... more

Michael Jeffery

Gut Feeling
June 29, 2013

Although Michael Jeffery maintains a philosophical connection with wilderness regions, his art translates a very different environment, one totally insulated from nature... ... more

Robert Ryan

Back to Byron
June 15, 2013

Coming back to Byron after a year of living and painting in a seaside shack at Broomes Head, Robert Ryan discovered... ... more

Margaret Ackland

The Arid Zone
May 25, 2013

Margaret Acklands new body of work interprets her experience of the Fowlers Gap landscape situated 112 kilometres north of Broken Hill... ... more

Brigid Ryan

Embodying Landscape
April 2013

Part landscape, part figuration, Brigid Ryans paintings bring together a multiplicity of things seen, felt and remembered. There is a feeling for the interconnectedness of all things and a sense... ... more

Nikky Morgan-Smith

Shaping Water
April 2013

Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible. (Paul Klee)
The art of Nikky Morgan-Smith might well be thought of as embodying Klees notion of unleashing the wanderings of the subconscious... ... more

Avital Sheffer

March 23 - April 6

An exhibition of Avital Sheffers hand-built ceramic art resonates the atmosphere of a sacred space. Spot lit, and standing on their plinths of varying heights, it is... ... more

Four of the Best

Cornelia Burless, Christian Morrow, Jack Pemble, Jodie Wells
February 23, 2013

Four of the Best showcases the innate vitality of contemporary painting through the very diverse approaches of four artists. Pushing aesthetic boundaries both visually and in the use of materials, Burless, Morrow, Pemble and Wells seek... ... more

Erin Flannery

Frills and Spills
January 4, 2013

Erin Flannerys distinctive black and white imagery again displays a masterful mix of simplicity and sophistication but she regards her new bevy of... ... more

The Artist Revealed

Our Christmas Self Portrait Exhibtion
December 22, 2012

The theme for this year's annual group Christmas exhibition is self portraiture. Predictably, it initially presented some consternation for many artists, particularly those of an abstract, non-representational persuasion. But true to their innate ... more

Peter Smets

Movement and Progress
December 8, 2012

With the cadence of poetry, Peter Smets persuades us that the contemporary world of industry and technology holds infinite resources of undiscovered beauty. He plays the role of... ... more

Christine Polowyj

Falling Down Like A Woman
November 24, 2012

Christine Polowyj's eagerly anticipated new body of work documents her tumultuous experiences of the past few years. The title of the exhibition, Falling Down Like a Woman, was inspired by ... more

Diana Watson

Elysium Spring
October 27, 2012

In Greek mythology Elysium was a paradisaical land of peace, perfect happiness and perpetual spring where... ... more

Emma Gale

Crazy, Sexy, Cool
September 29, 2012

Colourful celebrity portraits are now emblematic of Emma Gale's works on paper and canvas. A recent tour of Europe's great art museums has been the catalyst for a reinvigorated spontaneity and imaginative approach to this subject. Amidst settings of kaleidoscopic pattern the new portraits pay homage to famous twentieth century artists and musicians who challenged the orthodox cultural, moral and artistic boundaries of their times. ... more

Karlee Rawkins

Freight Train
September 8, 2012

The mythic and the personal are once again entwined in Karlee Rawkins' new body of work. The paintings are visual demonstrations of how the human, spiritual and natural worlds are intrinsically related. She describes the title Freight Train as a poetic reference to the speed and intensity of her life of late, and her current interest in films and books relating to America's western frontier in the 1800s. ... more

Peta Houghton

Memory Motel
July 28, 2012

The quite extraordinary Memory Motel exhibition of paintings, drawings and installation pieces continues Peta Houghton's "ongoing autobiographical project". A follow-up to her enormously successful The Baggage Room series, Memory Motel again suggests the accoutrements of long journeying punctuated by fleeting moments of respite and recollection. ... more

New Blood

dos Santos, Edge, Morgan-Smith, Tyerman
July 14

The New Blood exhibition introduces the works of four emerging artists who have recently become represented by Anthea Polson Art. Through process and imagery they interpret aspects of personal reality with surprising candour and innovative outcomes. ... more

Robert Ryan

The Delicate Nature of Balance
June 23, 2012

Robert Ryan's new series of works on canvas and paper explore the delicate nature of balance in life, ecology and the creative process itself. The paintings refer to no specific place or time but rather, relate an individual's relationship to the environment - be it natural or otherwise. Akin to a map of intricate poetic notations, Ryan employs the physical exterior to express aspects of his own interiority. ... more

Simon Collins

May 26 - June 16, 2012

What strikes one first about Simon Collins' works is the utter confidence of his painterly approach. It is a quality that has earned him considerable attention with the inclusion of paintings into some of the nation's most prestigious art prizes. This new series again expresses the importance a sense of place has for him. ... more

Cate Maddy

Best Imitation
April 7

Despite the exuberant colours and continual interplay of visual relationships, these are essentially quiet works of great delicacy and aesthetic joy. Maddys paintings induce the kind of silent reverie that one might experience when immersed in the energies of wild, natural places. They affirm Paul Klees famous tenet, "Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible". ... more

Samantha Everton

Survey Show As Part Of Queensland Festival of Photography 4
April 7

Anthea Polson Art in conjunction with the Queensland Festival of Photography presents a survey exhibition of photographic artworks by multi-award winning Samantha Everton. It is an opportunity to view a selection of the Melbourne-based artists critically acclaimed Marionettes,Vintage Dolls, Childhood Fears and more recent Wolf series. ... more

Damien Kamholtz

remember this
March 24, 2012

In the slow process of building narrative through nuanced layers of paint and latent symbolism, Damien Kamholtzs art making much resembles the surfacing and subsiding of memory. Deliberately ambiguous... ... more

Carolyn V Watson

Owning The Bones
January 21, 2011

Thoreau's words, "Know your own bone; gnaw it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still" inform Carolyn V Watson's conceptualisation and absolute rigour of process in producing "intimately veiled" paintings and "scorched raw" sculptural... ... more

Eight Days Before Christmas

featuring our represented artists
December 17, 2011

Each year to celebrate the Season and thank our artists and clients for their valued support, Anthea Polson Art hosts a special Christmas party in conjunction with the opening of the annual represented artists group exhibition... ... more

Nic Plowman

Formula For Resurrection
3 December 2011

Profoundly personal and utterly authentic, Nic Plowmans works present 'a view from the edge' that is at once confronting, poignant and inspirational. Emotionally challenging they may be, but their aesthetic potency is rooted in... ... more

John Giese

Blue To Red - Paintings from The Kimberley's
November 12, 2011

Gieses white, red and black symbolism is augmented with intense sky-blues and rich earthy ochres that ground the content of the works in a here and now corporeality.
Throughout history the depiction and ritualistic use of animals has been laced with totemic intent. Gieses horses, bulls and dogs reflect a comparable approach. ... more

Robert Ryan

Road trip - Paintings From Brooms Head
November 12, 2011

Although the Blue to Red paintings contain three distinct bodies of work, the underlying theme is the individuals relationship to the environment - the finding of connections between human experience and the rich, metaphorical resonances of the natural world. ... more

Robyn Sweaney

Road Trip - from here... to there... and places in between
October 22, 2011

The physical structures within which we live and work possess functional and symbolic qualities, and usually an interweaving of both. Robyn Sweaney confesses other people's houses have always fascinated her ... more

Lyndal Hargrave

Baby Grand
September 15, 2011

With rare finesse and fierce craftsmanship Lyndal Hargrave produces extraordinarily elegant assemblages and constructions from the debris of an industrialised culture. Reconfiguring found objects that already possess their own visual history ... more

Waldemar Kolbutsz

September 15, 2011

Perth-based Waldemar Kolbutsz creates jewell-hued, nonrepresentational images that are intrinsically satisfying. His purpose is not to create a picture of something, the picture must be something - a kind of organism that lives according to its own ... more

Karlee Rawkins

Owl Town
August 25, 2011

In stories we enter the place of mist beings - the place where all thought is as new as tomorrow and as old as the beginning of time. The forest symbolises the feminine and when it appears in fairytales it is a threshold symbol. We enter the world between worlds and wander paths of the unconscious, dense with ancestral trees and full of fantastic creatures, both wild and tame. ... more

Lae Oldmeadow

The Sacred Seeds
August 20, 2011

Lae Oldmeadow has been described as an environmental artist and the title sits well with him as he has spent the last two decades living sustainably and creating art in harmony with the natural world. Lae’s assemblages, ‘canopies’ and ‘soft sculptures’, made reverently from totally organic materials, have a humanising effect. Unlike the optical noise of the constructed, urban environment - where images are quickly glimpsed and passed over - Lae’s works resonate a slow, rhythmic pulse and we respond instinctually. In them we can sense the energy of Nature with its cycles of growth and decay - its ceaseless renewal and infinite complexity of form. ... more

Cynthia Breusch

Empire Of Light
July 23, 2011

Empire of Light is a series of shimmering, visionary-like paintings 'where past and future are gathered'. They are about holding time in timelessness - a meditation or meeting place between art and the spirit of things. ... more

Erin Flannery

erin flannery lives in black and white
July 2, 2011

A series of 'illusively' rendered portraits - some with a curious single eye - are given graphic definition with wavy stripes, polka dots, a dangling earring or a sassy bow-tie ... more

Nick Howson

Allegories and Chronicles
June 18 - July 1, 2011

In a pageant of shimmering colour, Nick Howson chronicles the fabled events of times past and present. Many of the works reference memories of a journey he made through ancient lands and the art treasures encountered there. The awe and inspiration ... more

Nick Ashby

Day After Day
May 27, 2011

There is something very authentic about Nick Ashby’s intent and its visual expression. Introspective musings about the lot of the individual in an increasingly uncertain environment are again given voice in this new body of work. Notions of duality and the repetitive cycles of change are explored in both actual and metaphorical contexts. The particular and the universal, the internal and the external, light and dark, warm and cool - all morph and merge into a profound reflection on the human condition. ... more

Emma Gale

May 7 - May 19, 2011

Bangalow-based Emma Gale recently won the Border Art Prize with a painting chosen for the bold spontaneity of its brushwork. With comparable painterly gusto, Gale's Pop Star series explores contemporary culture's hunger for fame and recognition. ... more

Jack Pemble

Another Slice of the Devil's Pie
May 7 - May 19, 2011

Jack Pemble's art trawls the murky depths of the unconscious with thick, turbulent, autonomic slashes of paint - the expression of his journey into a netherworld we would not expect one so young to have made, and testament to Pemble's somewhat mythic-like descent from and return to the light. ... more

Margaret Ackland

April 16 - April 30, 2011

Margaret Ackland's exquisitely rendered paintings of antique garments embody ideas of personal and cultural identity. Although clothing might be thought of as a mundane necessity, throughout history garments have provided a potent means of visual communication. ... more

Samantha Everton

March 25, 2011

There has always been something unsettling and yet strangely familiar about Samantha Everton's imagery. It lures us in and holds us spellbound as we ponder the source of our curious fascination. Anthea Polson Art is indeed privileged to host the national launch of Marionettes, Everton's latest series of photographic art...Marionettes extends her visual exploration of interior states of being, but here the focus has shifted from that of the child's, to 'grown-up' issues of isolation and loss of control under the pressures of daily life. ... more

Kadee Webber

Story Book Princess
March 5, 2011

Immersed within the liquid, luminous realms of the subconscious, Kadee Webbers heroines are undergoing a process of gestation. Cocooned in their silent cobalt world they drift and dream, hair and garments billowing amidst the swirling eddies and shimmering bubbles until the transformation is complete. Like the story book princesses of old ... more

Peta Houghton

The Baggage Room
March 5, 2011

As fitful and fragile as memories hovering at the brink of consciousness, Peta Houghtons pictorial markings reveal an inner world that is at once intensely personal and universal. Adrift in the Baggage Room of time she unlocks that which was lost, left behind or hidden away in waking life. Houghton describes the works as ... more

Michael Jeffery

One Of These Days
February 12, 2010

The image potency of Michael Jeffery's art assaults the senses. But beyond the intense colour, geometric complexity and his extraordinary facility for composition, lies a deep philosophical intention ... more

Stuff you didn't know about... Anthea

Anthea Polson
Paradise Magazine, Gold Coast Bulletin
Author Regina King February 12, 2011

My life has been anything but dull. I was born in Hampshire in the UK. My dad was an airline pilot with British Airways but when I was a baby he transferred to East African Airways so I spent my first 15 years in Nairobi, Kenya. They were difficult times as I went through the Mau Mau uprising...

Mitchell Kelly

Unspoken Conversations
January 22, 2010

It is rare these days to find a young artist so thoroughly involved in the venerable tradition of landscape painting. The acuteness of Mitchell Kellys aesthetic response to the environment seems at odds with his 29 years. Each of his eight solo exhibitions has referenced the Sydney-based artists relationship with a particular wilderness area in Australia. The current Unspoken Conversation works are the outcome of many journeys made up into the Blue Mountains of NSW. ... more

Christmas Portrait Show

featuring a work from our represented and guest artists
December 18, 2010 - January 8, 2010

To celebrate the Season and thank our artists and clients for their valued support over the year, Anthea Polson Art is hosting a special Christmas party to coincide with the opening of the annual group exhibition which features a work by each of the gallery's represented artists. This year's theme is portraiture. The subject was entirely open to individual interpretation and so the assembled portraits present an extraordinary array of very diverse styles, media and sizes. ... more

Gordon Richards

A Long Hot Summer
December 4 - December 16, 2010

Gordon Richards celebrates the simple pleasures in works of art that bring visual delight to the viewer. Inspiration for his latest body of work first surfaced in fond reminiscences of his 'Noosa years'. Back in the '90's, that seaside playground had been the place where he'd famously exchanged his chef's cap and kitchen utensils for the proverbial artist's beret and paintbrushes. Richards' new career path proved to be an exciting creative outlet and ultimately, an enormously successful venture. ... more

Samantha Everton

Collected Works
November 6 - November 20, 2010

Anthea Polson Art is privileged to present for the first time in Queensland, a selection of magnificent, limited edition photographic artworks by multi-award winning Samantha Everton. It will be a rare opportunity to view the Melbourne-based artist's critically acclaimed Vintage Dolls and Childhood Fears series. The exhibition is a prelude to her forthcoming new body of work that will have its national premier with Anthea Polson Art in March 2011...
... more

Karlee Rawkins

The Deer Park
Author Jacqueline Houghton October 16 - October 30, 2010

To view a Karlee Rawkins exhibition is to take part in a visual journey towards an alignment of nature, mind and art. Eschewing the socio-technological complexities that permeate day-to-day existence, Rawkins makes manifest a metaphysical dimension. The immensely potent images reflect her deep ecological concerns and an ongoing fascination with the mythic in world cultures. A distillation of research and experience gained from her many travels to distant lands, Rawkins paintings resonate a personal and universal truth. It was this integrity and visual literacy that gained her a Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship in 2003. ... more

Diana Watson

Spice of Life
September 25, 2010

"Beauty before message" has always been Diana Watson's artistic maxim, but within her luscious colours and forms we may now also discern subtle references to her ecological concerns. Several of the works allude to the impact of European colonialism on annexed territories. Deliberately employing a style informed by 17th century artistic traditions and early natural history paintings, the work 'Cry For Me Agentina' articulates Watson's awareness of the inter-connectedness of all living things. ... more

Phillip Piperides

The Viewer
September 25, 2010

There is a timeless serenity to the bronzes Piperides creates. Light gently caresses rounded volumes and lustrous, burnished surfaces. A union of ideal and reality, the figures convey a profoundly Classical air. But beyond the anatomical perfection and sensitive play of light, the works engage the viewer at a deeper, more contemplative level. There is a sense of complete quietude to the self-sufficient repose of each figure. Free of restless energy, Piperides' bronzes seem to represent a state of being which defies all worldly concern. ... more

Avital Sheffer

August 21, 2010

Working from her studio in the hills behind the small northern NSW town of Mullumbimby, Avital Sheffer creates the award winning, profoundly beautiful vessels that have been collected by numerous Australian public galleries and museums. ... more

First Solo Show

Erin Flannery
July 24 - August 7

Affectionately spoofing "fashionista" attitudes, the works communicate a purely aesthetic delight in the play of descriptive and abstract elements. Conventional fashion-related themes are investigated using rather unconventional techniques and media. ... more

Mugs and Mongrels

Wayde Owen
July 3 - July 17

Rampantly expressive and necessarily subjective, few would deny the raw power of Owen's confronting images, described by him as 'critical allegories that deeply engage personal history, mongrelness, memory, mortality and the paradoxes of the human condition.' ... more

Anniversary Exhibition

featuring our Represented Artists
June 19, 2010

We can hardly believe that it's now been just over a year since we announced the arrival of Anthea Polson Art! We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for supporting us and our amazingly talented artists. In celebration of our first anniversary, we're hosting a party in conjunction with a survey exhibition of our represented artists from all over Australia. ... more

Young Guns

Gale, Maddy, Morrow, Pemble, Watson
May 22 - June 12

Five young artists living in very different locales interpret personal vistas of mind, place and memory.

Emma Gale, Cate Maddy, Christian Morrow, Jack Pemble and Carolyn V Watson ... more

Constructive Viewpoints

Peter Smets
April 24 - May 8 2010

A finalist in last year's Sulman and Wynne art prizes at the AGNSW, the technical virtuosity of Peter Smets' technique is undeniable. ... more

The Darkness and the Beauty

Nic Plowman
March 20 - April 3

The Darkness and the Beauty works may deal with themes of vulnerability and the fragility of life, but they are also about the power of artistic expression to overcome overwhelming adversity. ... more


February 8, 2010

Erika has been selected in the Williamstown Prize! The work selected is Patience - pictured here - and on her page.

Going Places

Simon Collins
February 13-27, 2010

What strikes one first about Simon Collins' paintings is the utter confidence of his painterly approach. In scenes alive with energy and movement he depicts the day-to-day activities of life in the streets and parks of suburban Sydney: 'The idea is to take some snaps during any ordinary day, see the poetry, take it home to the quiet of the studio and turn it into something more beautiful.' ... more

Going Places

Amanda Van Gils
February 13-27, 2010

Hanging side by side, Amanda van Gils' paintings recreate the optical sensations of a landscape fleetingly glimpsed through the windows of a speeding vehicle... This time however, the landscape she traverses is thoroughly Australian. The intense greens of Queensland's forests and the rich ochres of its soils shift and blur in the space-time continuum of a single car journey along the state's Bruce Highway ... more

Special First Christmas Show

40 x 40 featuring all of our represented artists
December 15, 2009

To celebrate the Gallery's first Christmas and to thank all those who have supported us, Anthea Polson Art is hosting a very special Christmas party to coincide with the opening of the 40 x 40 exhibition, featuring each of the Gallery's represented artists ... more

Recent Works

Nick Howson
December 5 - December 14

There has always been something essential still and very quiet about Melbourne-based Nick Howson's work.
Characterised by stylised, patchwork-like landscapes with swooping magpies and soaring cockatoos over hazy, sun-bleached fields, the paintings unlock those places within where distant memories of less complex times reside. ... more

Daniel Brinsmead

Journey Of The Boy And The Eagle
October 17 - November 31

Daniel Brinsmead's Journey of the Boy and the Eagle marks the beginning of an ongoing body of work which will investigate what he calls his own 'Creation Heritage'. ... more

Nick Ashby

everyone I know
October 17 - November 31

Grounded in a distinctly urban sensibility, Nick Ashby's recent paintings have a largely biographical origin. They draw on personal experience and specific events as a way of exploring issues of identity and the individual's sense of being and place. ... more

Karlee Rawkins

September 19 to October 3

Karlee Rawkins is a profound talent. Her 2003 prize winning entry in the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship was a unanimous favourite with the judging panel because of its 'integrity and visual literacy.' In the ensuing years Rawkins has gone on to produce a significant body of work. ... more

Geoffrey Proud

Other Realms - New Paintings and Pastels
August 21 - September 5 2009

There was a time when the world seemed younger and magic glimmered in shady bowers and shafts of slanted light, ... more


A keepsake for girls
July 31, 2009

The story behind MYFANWY! ... more

4 Young Emerging Artists' Show

Ash, Flannery, Kennedy, Webber
July 25 - August 7 2009

The 4 young emerging artists' show will showcase the works of Beth Kennedy, Kadee Webber, Erin Flannery and Sam Ash. Using very different media, they explore personal perceptions of that which exists beneath the surface of everyday reality.

... more

Christine Polowyj

May 2009

The immediacy of Christine Polowyj's paintings assails the senses. Introspective musings are given pictorial voice in a blaze of brilliant colour and an exceptionally clever sense for shape placement. Following on from her 2008 Melbourne show, these paintings offer further explorations into the relationship between what Polowyj calls 'abstract psychological space' and 'figurative physical space'. ... more