Daniel Brinsmead

Journey of the Boy and the Eagle

October 17 - October 31 2009

Daniel Brinsmead's Journey of the Boy and the Eagle marks the beginning of an ongoing body of work which will investigate what he calls his own 'Creation Heritage'. The pieces in the show extend a previous series which explored themes relating to the construction and destruction of the precepts that regulate who we think we are and what our lives should stand for.

Using a variety of media including clay, pigment, aluminium applique on canvas, as well as art DVD installation, his visionary abstractions examine human nature in relation to contemporary and past cultures. Inspiration springs from diverse sources - films, music and the stories to be found in history, mythology and religion. Although derived from such material, Brinsmead's narratives act independently of their original contexts: ‘DJ type music that remixes past music pieces with new sounds is similar to the way I use text and imagery in my paintings. Ideals and beliefs systems that we have been taught to live by are ‘re-presented' through my own visual language to give a different angle or perspective.'

Huge and compelling, The Eagle meets Hector is a work charged with cryptic symbolism. An intensely red backdrop overlays a vanquished text. Flying out from its midst, a giant raptor transports a defunct castle towards the viewer. Decorated with various symbols relating to the cycles of time, the ‘crown of kingship' hovers above as if only recently decapitated. A banner which reads ‘King Hector of the castle' streams across the intervening space. Both are surmounted with the cross of demise. Inside the sheltering blue of the castle's interior, the Eagle and Hector are still utterly engrossed in their heated dispute - seemingly oblivious to their current situation.

Journey of the Boy and the Eagle is a remarkable visual saga which documents Brinsmead's quest to discover a personal creation myth and what insights might lie within its expression: ‘My culture's history has been forged in fear and in battle with empires endlessly constructed and ‘de-structed'. My cultural ancestors had a creation myth that encouraged this way of life. It is now time for change. The boy and the eagle will journey back through time to confront cultural fear. In this meeting, the strength of the eagle and the playfulness of the boy will make the way for a new creation myth, a new way of being.'

Daniel Brinsmead has a Diploma of Fine Arts, North Coast Institute of TAFE, NSW, 2004 and a Bachelor of Science, Griffith University, QLD, 1994. He was a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art Exhibition, Brisbane, 2009 and the ABC Artsnest Award Touring Exhibition, 2008. Over the past few years his work has been shown in a number of group and solo shows at regional galleries which include: Sweet Transformations at the Grafton Regional Gallery, 2007, where he was also a panel member for the Art and Text Forum; Paradox at the Tweed River Art Gallery, 2006, which involved an art residency; Chrysalis: The Emergence of Northern Rivers Artists at the Lismore Regional Gallery, 2006 and Pointers - Mental Oyster at the Tweed River Art Gallery, 2005.

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