Cathy Quinn

The Still of Day

July 7 - July 21 2018

The impetus behind Cathy Quinn's new body of work was kindled during one of her regular stays at the family's beach cottage in Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula. Quinn tells of how this simple 50's house has been the one constant abode amidst her many moves over the years. The location with its vastly contrasting aspects - from majestic rocky shorelines, long sandy beaches to the quiet backwaters of Swan Bay and its peaceful harbour - has always nourished her propensity for creative and metaphysical musings.

Rather than being realistic representations, Quinn's paintings seek to convey the experience of an immersion in landscape and the joy of special times shared with family and friends. She recounts how everyday concerns evaporate when looking into the expanse above and beyond; her skin brushed by a gentle breeze carrying the clean, salty smell of the sea; the air alive with a chorus of insects.

This affinity with the natural world manifests in the freedom of Quinn's painterly response. An intuitive painter, she affirms that the element of chance is integral to her process. Her language of colour and spontaneous gesture speaks directly to the senses, generating a mood of atmospheric delight. The fluid oil medium divests notions of time, solidity and permanence.

Rose Coloured Glasses is a work that sparkles with optimism and transformative power. The pure abstraction manifests a state of inhabiting the moment and the subsequent surfacing of new ways of viewing the world and our place in it. Stippled colours appear in other paintings where dancing motes of pink, green and blue hover over and between more naturalistic elements. These daubs evoke both the transcendent sentiment and the dappled light that filigrees foliage, branches and cloud formations against the overarching sky.

Quinn's works explore heightened domains accessible only in the still of day and mind. Hers is a subjective vision, a striving to express a synthesis of outer and inner worlds. It is Quinn's hope that viewers will navigate their own way into the paintings in an understanding of her mantra: The time is now, the place is here. Harmony lies within.


Having grown up in Melbourne, Quinn subsequently spent many years living in London and Hong Kong. She has been an exhibiting artist since 1985 and Still of Day will be her second solo show with Anthea Polson Art. Quinn's training includes: BA (Fine Art) at the Chisholm Institute (now Monash University) 1997; Christies Education - Australian Art and Studio & Practice Development, La Trobe College of Education 2010. In London, Quinn worked for London Contemporary Art. Upon her return to Melbourne she became the sole representative for London Contemporary Art in Australia. She has also worked for the National Gallery of Victoria and volunteered her services to Christies, Hong Kong and the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

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