The Interlude

Works from the Stockroom

February 20 - March 5 2012

Featured below are select works from The Interlude Works from the Stockroom. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

David Boyd
Young Mother Departing From the Garden of Innocence
John Coburn
Flame Tree
Simon Collins
Going Nowhere (beautiful fucked up evening)
Ray Crooke
Islanders Making Lei's c 1978
Ray Crooke
The Walk To Market
Robert Dickerson
The Interrogation 1988
Robert Dickerson
A Watchful Eye
Dale Frank
Upper Woodstock Pelverata Kaoota
Sam Fullbrook
Darling Downs Landscape
Cherry Hood
Not This Time
John Kelly
Two Cows On A Trestle
Jasper Knight
The Docklands
Norman Lindsay
The Offering
Sir Sidney Nolan
Black Kelly
Sir Sidney Nolan
Antelope (African Series 1963)
Margaret Olley
Prawn Boats On The Tweed
John Perceval
Bayswater Train Colliding with a Gold Mine 1989
Garry Shead
In the Studio c 1995
Avital Sheffer
Faradis III
Gordon Shepherdson
Image Waiting In A Mirror 1993
Jeffrey Smart
First Detail Study - Near Pisa
Peter Smets
Water Tower
Robyn Sweaney
For Sale.o.n.o.
Albert Tucker
Ibis In Flight
Brett Whiteley
Towards Sculpture 1

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