Peta Houghton

Memory Motel

July 28 - August 11 2012

Featured below are select works from Peta Houghton Memory Motel. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

She Danced To The Sound Of The Bagpipes Sundowner Her Black Button Eyes Were In Need Of A Polish A Means Of Escape
Yum Cha She Couldn't Help Wondering The Blue Sky Didn't Make A Difference To Her Snippets Of Hope
As Long As She Knows But I Love You More Shelf Life Just Be Still
Shelf Life The Dinner Lady (my daughter never visits) Her Minds eye One Little Girl In Blue
She Wanted To Go back So She Didn't Grow Empty And Then, Somewhere Along The Way She Changed Because Everything's Wrong She Was Less Child Than Girl And Less Girl Than Woman

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