David Green

Weathervanes And A Fish Called Myrtle

October 16 - October 30 2021

Featured below are select works from David Green Weathervanes And A Fish Called Myrtle. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Portrait Of A Fun-Fair Fish Called Myrtle Let Me Sail, Let Me Fly In The Landscapes Of My Mind Vase Of Flowers And A Flotilla Of Paper Boats The Last Kiss Of The Sun Before The Storm Crashes The Party
The Last Kiss Before Goodnight Ring A Ring A Roses On Mount Ararat Storm Brewing First Light
Espalier Last Light Red Sky At Night Shepherds Delight As Night Falls So Does The Breeze
Daylight's Last Hurrah That Wasn't Supposed To Happen Bonfire Evening Glow
Burning The Stubble The Tower Of Babel - The Scattering The Traveller Sunset Over Mount Ararat
Safe Harbour - For To Get Out Of The Rain Sharps Green - When It Got Dark We All Went Home For Tea We Come Bearing Gifts

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