Veronica Cay

something borrowed

stronger than her inner self

garters and garnishes – something old, something new

waiting and watching

trying to arrive before the wheels fall off


contained #4 – watchful

what’s yours is mine

Broken Rainbows

my goose to your gander

unplanned consequences and a stroll along La Grande Jatte

how to peel a mandarin (diptych)

the sense – memory was a powerful reminder

Family Portrait

winter solstice

contained within

The reckoning

But baby its cold outside

Nothing tangible in sight

She knew that all back yards were not concrete

The rear view mirror

table setting for one

it was a conversation in two parts


when the truth doesn’t make a noise

not what we see or seem

family heirlooms – suspend belief abandon reason

the games that play us and dancing on the moon

it’s my party

the green crocodile

The benefactor

uncertainties (the courtesan series)

the influencer (the courtesan series)

never underestimate the dressing

bathing in the may morning dew

wonder woman

something old

something blue

the afterparty

the concierge – arrivals and departures


hold on tight

the bridesmaids antipasto





finding some me time

in a heart beat

contained #3 – restrained

contained #2 – resolute

Crowning empty glory

Plagued With Doubt

The Waiting Game

tea for me

I can if you can

still a mystery to me


the story so far

standing close standing tall

sometimes things are a complete mystery (lifedrawing)

keeping the lesson book open (diptych)

riding marino’s pony to banbury cross

finding comfort

uccello’s hat

Folded Lies 1 & 2

When Paula met Henri

Mother Of The Bride

i was a still life with a a vase of flowers


two sides to every story

a fondness for memories past and present


And there will be dancing in the street

The rhythms of the night

At home and at play


Dancing on the table under a purple sun

the slumber party (great expectations)

the sister’s had made a pact

lifevessels #3

starry gazey pie

trying to remember how to forget

from the games that play us

vessels within vessels when the rivers run dry

tables turn

millie’s collection

so much longing so little space

tea in the parlour is served at 3

notes for nowhere to go but forwards

notes for I found a feather in your belly button so we danced

blinkered in past history

scent from the garden

queen of tarts she stole some hearts

a vessel, a vase and a family portrait

Kelly Would Have Liked It

weight of petals

which way


No standing (still)

You said jump I said how high

Bugger off I’m wearing my fancy pants

Fortified disguise

Reflections from the rabbit hole

Cast adrift (at the school gate)

Push and pull

Crowded Dream – Shut Out The Noise



Solo Exhibitions

2024 New Works, Anthea Polson Art, Qld (November)
2023 the bridesmaids antipasto Anthea Polson Art, Qld (July)
2021 conversations with my aunt Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2021 adorn Rochfort Gallery Sydney with Izette Felton
2019 the games that play us and dancing on the moon Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2018 reflections from the rabbit hole, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2018 making connections with Pauline Hughes, Editions Gallery, Liverpool UK
2017 portraits from an ordinary life Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2017 folly of angels Birds Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
2008 memory of being Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery, NSW
2013 drawer(n) from life Noosa Regional Gallery, Qld
2013 song of the siren with David Green, Rosebed Street Gallery, Eudlo, Qld
2015 Roma Regional Gallery, Qld

Prizes & Awards

2021 Finalist Clayton Utz Prize Award – Brisbane
2020 Finalist  Lethbridge Gallery Small works Brisbane
2020 Finalist, SCAP, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, QLD
2019 Finalist, Lyn MCCrae Drawing Prize, Noosa Regional Gallery, QLD
2019 Finalist, Clayton Utz Art Award, QLD
2019 Finalist, Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Awards, QLD
2017 Merit Award, Moreton Bay Art Award, QLD
2017 Finalist, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, NSW
2017 Finalist, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award QLD
2016 Finalist, The JADA (Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award), Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW
2016 Finalist, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award QLD
2016 Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Award – 2D & 3D sections
2015 Finalist, Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award QLD
2015 Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Prize (2D section), QLD
2014 Finalist, Moreton Bay 3D section QLD
2014 Finalist, Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award QLD
2014 Finalist, Ignition Ceramic Award – Sunshine Coast QLD
2013 Finalist, Kenilworth Art Prize (Mayor’s 15) QLD
2013 Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Award 2D QLD
2013 Finalist, Wilson Art Prize Lismore NSW
2013 Selected ‘online ‘ finalist Lethbridge Smalls Art Prize, Brisbane QLD.
2012 Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Award 2D and 3D sections QLD
2012 Xstrata Portrait Prize, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville QLD
2012 Judges Selection Touring Xstrata Portrait Award, Mt Isa QLD
2012 Wangaratta Petite Textile Exhibition, Wangaratta VIC
2012 Selected ‘online’ finalist Lethbridge Smalls Art Prize, Brisbane QLD
2012 ArtFelt Art Prize Ballina NSW
2012 ‘Dare to do Square’ Pine Rivers Regional Gallery Brisbane QLD
2012 ‘Ignition’ Ceramic Prize, Sunshine Coast , QLD
2011 Finalist, Gold Coast Art Prize (Duke Art Award), Gold Coast QLD
2011 Finalist, Waterhouse Art Prize, Museum of South Australia (Highly Commended and touring to National Archives Museum Canberra)
2011 Finalist, Moreton Bay Regional Art Award 2D and 3D sections Queensland
2011 Finalist, Prometheus Art Award, All Saints Anglican College Queensland
2011 Finalist, Toorak Village Sculpture Award Melbourne Victoria
2011 Finalist, Noosa Travelling Scholarship Sculpture Award Queensland
2011 Finalist, Wangaratta Textile Art Award Wangaratta Regional Gallery Victoria
2011 Selected – Jan. Small Sculpture Exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne
2011 Selected – Oct. Sculpture Exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne Victoria
2010 Retrospective National Fibre Collection Tamworth Regional Gallery
1993 Port of Call H.R.Gallop Gallery Charles Sturt University Wagga
1986 Tamworth National Textiles Biennale toured
1984 Tamworth National Textiles Biennale purchased for collection

Group Exhibitions

2021 ’The gesture of figuration’ invitation Sturt Gallery Mittagong
2021 Figuration – CaGallery Coolum Sunshine Coast
2021 Hamburg Affordable art Fair with ArtNow Gallery Berlin
2019 Hamburg Affordable Art Fair with ArtNow Gallery Berlin
2019 The Shape Of Things, Anthea Polson Art, QLD
2019 2blues&afroginatawnysuit, joint how with David Green, CoolArt Gallery, QLD
2018 Little Treasures, Anthea Polson Art, QLD
2018 Studio Gallery Melbourne – Grand Opening, VIC
2018 About Face, Amber Creswell Bell, Sydney, NSW
2018 Hamburg Art Fair, ArtNow Gallery, Germany
2017 Small Gifts, Anthea Polson Art, QLD
2016 ArtNow Gallery, Berlin Germany
2016 Artist’s Choice – A Christmas ExhibitionAnthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 The Next Generation – Cay, Edge, Flannery, Kirac, Lincoln, Anthea Polson Art, QLD
2016 Anthea Polson Art Comes To Melbourne, Menzies Art Rooms Toorak, Vic
2015 Precious Things Come In Small Parcels, Anthea Polson Art QLD
2014 Miniatures – A Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, QLD
2014 Urban Amazons and other Eclecticities, Tusk Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Red – Christmas Exhibition Anthea Polson Art Gallery, Gold Coast
2013 Roses – Rosebed Street Gallery, Eudlo Queensland
2012 Smalls Rosebed Street Gallery, Eudlo Queensland
2012 Melbourne Affordable Art fair, Melbourne, Vic.
2011 The Matchbox Show (Touring Australia and the world in 2011 – 2013)
2011 Revisiting Childhood, Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby NSW
2011 Drawing Connections Siena Institute of Art Siena, Italy
2011 Artslabour Exhibition Parliament House Brisbane
2011 Exhibition and Auction Martin Galleries Brisbane
(Donated work to raise funds for Flood Appeal)
2011 Exhibition and Auction ‘Cathartic” Bleeding Heart Gallery Brisbane
(Donated work to raise funds for Queensland Flood Appeal)
2010 BSG small works exhibition Brunswick Street Melbourne
2010 Group Exhibition Martin Galleries Brisbane 2010
2010 Sydney Art Fair – Sheahan Galleries
2010 Group Show Martin Galleries Brisbane
2010 ArtsLabour 2 Martin Galleries Brisbane
2008 Summer – Docker Street Gallery Wagga Wagga
2008 Text / Object: Collaboration – Wagga City Art Gallery
2007 Rebirth – Docker St Gallery – Wagga Wagga


Siena Institute of Art, Italy
National Fibre Collection Tamworth NSW
Private collections Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong

New Works

November 16, 2024 - November 30, 2024

the bridesmaids antipasto

July 29, 2023 - August 12, 2023

Conversations with my aunt

October 16, 2021 - October 30, 2021

The games that play us and dancing on the moon

March 21, 2020 - April 5, 2020

The Shape Of Things

October 19, 2019 - October 30, 2019

Reflections from the rabbit hole

September 29, 2018 - October 13, 2018

Portraits from an ordinary life

February 25, 2017 - March 11, 2017

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