Samuel Leighton-Dore

8 Year Old, 80 Year Old (light blue)

Remember Meds, Water, Pets (multi red)

Worth Worrying About (purple)

Everything Will Be Gay (lilac)

Strong Scared You (purple)

Being Is Sexier Than Doing (multi)

Find Its Way (gray)

Just A Speck Of Dust (brown)

Present You (yellow)

I’m Anxious Too (dark blue)

Even If This Tile Broke (gradient)

Fragile Tiles (butter)

Yesterday Was A Scary Tomorrow (gradient)

Anxiety Tile

Don’t Say It To Yourself (pink)

Your Thoughts (blue)

Fun Failure (pink)

Unsurvivable Rejection (slate)

Rest (gradient)

Hope I Have It (pink)

Tell Someone You Love (gradient 1)

Proof You Exist (blue)

There Is No Shame (green)

You Can Do It (yellow)

Can’t Quite Remember

Tricking You (lavender)

Exist Beyond Your Circumstances (yellow)

Teeth Are Perfect (light blue)

Scary Thought (gradient)

Not Minding (gradient)

Cry You Legend (pink)

Be Soft Instead (lime)

Nice F***ing Tile (green)

Created Or Destroyed (slate)

Look Who’s Being Cute (green)

Your Idea Of Success (yellow)

Something Fun To Fail At (gradient)

What Other People Think (dark blue)

No Longer A Baby (slate)

Gorgeous Girlies Have A Cry (pink)

Booked, Blessed, Depressed (green)

Wow It’s All A Lot – Book

Wow It’s All A Lot (white)

You Don’t Have To Read The News (white)

Rest Weirdo (lavender)

Repeat Safe, Loved, Sexy (multi)

Impossible Days (gradient 2)

Good Cry (light blue)

Give Yourself A Minute (gradient)

Remember Meds, Water, Pets

It’ll Be Ok (blue)

You Can Do it (blue)

Silver Lining (gradient)

The World Is so Big (pink)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (purple)

Wow It’s All A Lot (purple)

Tell Someone You Love (gradient 2)

Stars (stars)

Something Nice

Present You (gradient)

Strong And Capable (gradient)

Try Not To Judge Yourself (olive)

Look Who’s Being Cute (multi)

ILYSM (yellow)

Repeat Safe, Loved, Sexy (multi)

This Weird Little Fun Life (pink)

Stars Tile (gradient)

Leave It In Drafts (orange)

It’s Nice Once You’re In (light blue)

8 Year Old You / 80 Year Old You (dark blue)

You Have Survived (gradient)

Rest Weirdo (white)

Things To Look Forward To

Your Body Looks Strong

Rest Weirdo (light blue)

Rest Weirdo (Paris green)

Footprints In The Sand

All About Perspective

Absolute Waterfront

Ha Ha Ha

Live, Laugh, Leave

Old You Would Be Stoked (blue)

Remember You Are Kind

Rest You Beautiful Busy Idiot (lavender)

Rest You Beautiful Busy Idiot (mustard)

From Little Things

Live, Laugh, Leave

Remember You Are Kind


Multidisciplinary artist and writer, Samuel Leighton-Dore produces works spanning a variety of mediums. Utilising ceramics, LED neon, illustration, animation, and painting, his works are primarily driven by his special interest in mental health and masculinity. His use of cheekily creative avenues encourages the audience to take an active role in conversations concerning difficult societal topics.
Already a well-established writer, Leighton-Dore continues to provide insightful and comfortably confronting works for numerous organisations, including SBS, Pedestrian TV, and Buzzfeed. How To Be A Big Strong Man, his 2019 published work, brought a much-needed accessibility and sense of humour to the difficult topics of masculinity and men’s mental health.  Samuel has explored these themes at great length, particularly as experienced by members of the LGBTIQ+ community across his multifaceted creative practice, winning Visual Artist of the Year at the 2019 Honour Awards and producing work for organisations including Equality Australia, ACON, Twenty10, ReachOut and writing and producing a series of short animations for men’s health organisation Man Cave.
Samuel’s ceramic work has featured on the cover of the Journal of Australian Ceramics and exhibited as part of the North Queensland Ceramic Awards.
In 2022 Samuel’s Cloud Drive – described as the ultimate love-letter to the Gold Coast was acquired by HOTA (Home of the Arts) Gold Coast, for their permanent collection. Cloud Drive features a giant wall of blue sky covered in ceramic clouds. When viewed through a mobile phone, the clouds animate with rainbows, sunshine, lightning bolts as well as messages left by visitors to the gallery. The thought provoking, inspiring, vulnerable and sometimes heartbreaking messages left ‘in the cloud’ allowed strangers to share moments (and secrets).
In July 2023 Samuel’s new book Wow It’s All A Lot, will be released by Harper Collins, Australia.
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