Marilyn Peck

The Passing Crowd I

The Passing Crowd II

A Black Cat For Luck


Last Day At School A Blessing

Beware Of The Prick Of A Midnight Rose

Powder Snow

Get Out Of That Tree

View Of A Valley

The Best View


Where Are The Dogs

Three Little Girls From School

The Winner

The Huntsman With The Wolf

Ladies In The Park Visiting The Kiosks

Getting Together

Together At The Beach

We Were Children

Fashion Show

A Day In The Country

Searching For Love


Where Foxes Lurk

Landscape With A Lady

In A Rose Garden

Grandma’s Stories

Minarets And Mosque

Don’t Get Lost

The Red Shoes

This Axe Hung On The Wall

Dame Ragnelle Was The Fairest

There Was Great Celebration

There Was Never A Woman Dearer

Sir Gawain Helps The Three Sisters Mount Their Palfreys

What Say You To Helping This Young Knight Who Is In Much Distress

The Manor House Is Soon A Scene Of Great Bustle

Sir Escanore Rises Early

They Saw The Fox Scamper Before Them

You Shall Be In Your Bed At Your Ease

Sir Gawain Lay Resting

The Guardians

T’is Almost Fairy Time

The Headless Knight

The Green Knight Was A Marvel

Walking Home

Music Festival


Hide And Seek

Self Isolation With Friends


Strawberry Fields

Woman With Wolves

Slice The Bread

Summer Queen

Awake! For Morning In The Bowl Of Night

This Cluster Of Holly

The Conditions Of My Enchantment

I Have Travelled This Country Back And Forth Seeking Out My Sweetheart

Going To Inglewood Forest

Mother’s Lament


Born 1932, Melbourne, Australia.


1947 Studied commercial art Caulfield Technical College, Melbourne.
1949 Apprenticed as lithographic artist, Melbourne.
1955 Fabric designer, Melbourne
1959 Designed exclusively for Vida Turner, Melbourne.
1966 Freelanced as fabric designer, Sydney
1968 Studied fine art, oils, watercolour and acrylic, in England. Joined Ku-ring-gai Art Society, NSW.
1969 Began landscape/seascape of Hawkesbury River area and developed style in acrylics, Sydney.
1970 to 1980’s Exhibited as fine artist and for the next five years painted in acrylics using painting knives to prevent tendency towards detailed realism. Developed a style verging on pointillism. Worked on canvas and paper, medium sized to large, mixed media, acrylic and oil combined, and water colour on paper in miniature art.
1985 Foundation member of the Australian Society of Miniature Art NSW Inc. Subsequently became a life member. Began a long association with the Boronia Art Gallery, Mosman, NSW. Began painting in watercolours after a break of 30 years.
1987 Joined Royal Queensland Art Society Gold Coast Branch.
1988 Founded the Australian Society of Miniature Art Qld. Inc as President.
1989 Began collage and acrylic ink work on paper and canvas boards
1990 Began exhibiting miniatures internationally.
1991 Accepted as exhibiting member Hilliard Society U.K, and exhibited annually for a number of years. Began an association with The Hibiscus Gallery Sandy Bay, Hobart Tasmania, until gallery closure 2000.
2005 Began an association with BC Fine Art Gallery Gold Coast Qld until gallery closure in 2008.
1996 Invited to exhibit annually at A Million Brushstrokes, Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London UK and continued until 2002.

Solo Exhibitions

1982 Ku-Ring-Gai Motor Yacht Club, Cottage Point, NSW, University of NSW Senior Commonwealth Club, Sydney, Boronia House, Mosman, NSW, Ku-Ring-Gai Art Gallery, Roseville, NSW.
1985 Ku-Ring-Gai Motor Yacht Club, Cottage Point, NSW,
1986 University of NSW Senior Commonwealth Club, Sydney.
1991 Dean’s Gallery, Southport, Gold Coast, Qld.
1992 Ensemble Theatre Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
1993 The Hibiscus Gallery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.
1995 Extravaganza Gallery, Albany, WA.
1996 The Hibiscus Gallery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. Invited to exhibit annually at A Million Brushstrokes, Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London UK.
1998 B.C. Fine Art Gallery, Gold Coast, Qld.
2004 B.C. Fine Art Gallery, Gold Coast, Qld. Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Qld.
2005 B.C. Fine Art Gallery, Gold Coast, Qld.
2015 Retrospective, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2019 Trilogy – and Book Launch, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2021 New collection, Anthea Polson Art, Qld (upcoming – May)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Little Treasures – A Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2017 Small Gifts – A Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 Artist’s Choice – A Christmas ExhibitionAnthea Polson Art, Qld
1980 Trio exhibition, Gallery Eight, Crown Street, Sydney, NSW.
1981 Duo exhibition, Gallery Eight, Crown Street, Sydney. NSW.
1982 Trio exhibition, Barbizon Gallery , Mosman, NSW. Group, Ku-Ring-Gai Art Gallery NSW.
1983, 85, group shows as member of Royal Art Society of NSW, Ku-Ring-Gai Art Society, Peninsular Art Society NSW.
1986 Manly Art Gallery Museum NSW. The Olde Treasury Fine Arts Gallery, Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW.
1988 Visions Gallery, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Qld, Framed-The Showcase Gallery, Darwin, Northern Territory.
1989 Grace Gallery Sydney, NSW, Visions Gallery, Gold Coast, Queensland.
1990 Trio exhibition, Lavender Bay Gallery, Royal Art Society NSW. Framed-The Showcase Gallery, Darwin N.T. Gold Coast City Art Gallery Qld. Blue Marble Gallery, Buderim Qld. Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Georgia Miniature Art Society and Miniature Art Society of Florida, USA.
1991 Framed-The Showcase Gallery, Darwin, N.T. Hibiscus Gallery Sandy Bay Tas. Grace Gallery Sydney, Post Office Gallery, Seaforth, NSW. Trio exhibition Artlook Gallery, Stuart Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA.
1992 Extravaganza Gallery, Albany W.A. Montville Art Gallery, Qld.
1993 Seasons Gallery, North Sydney NSW, Manly Art Gallery and Museum NSW, Collector’s Choice, Von Bertouch’s Galleries, Newcastle, NSW, Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery, NSW, Extravaganza Gallery, Albany, WA. Burney Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania, La Petite Gallery, Montana, USA, Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Society, Washington DC, USA
1994 Duo McMahon Street Galleries Sydney, NSW, Balgowlah A.R.T.Gallery, NSW Manly Art Gallery and Museum, NSW, Duke of Wellington Gallery, Mosman, NSW. Gold Coast Fine Art Gallery, Qld, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Qld, Blue Marble Gallery, Buderim, Qld, Hibiscus Gallery, Sandy Bay Tasmania, Burney Regional Art Gallery Tasmania. Reflections Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria. International shows, Jane Law’s Studios Surf City, NJ, USA, Societe des Artistes en Miniatures Precieux, Antony, France. Hilliard Society UK.
1995 Five Rivers Gallery Nerang GC Qld. Duo Royal Qld Art Society GC Branch Qld. Upstairs Gallery Cairns Qld Burnie Regional Gallery Tas. ASMA Inaugural International awards exhibition Gold Coast City Art Gallery. International shows, First World Federation of Miniature Art exhibition at Royal Art Society, London UK
1996 Holdsworth Galleries Sydney, NSW, Manly art Gallery and Museum, NSW.
1997 Duo BC Fine Art Gallery Gold Coast Qld. Group, Delshan Gallery, Melbourne, Vic. Monad Gallery, Mosman, NSW, International, Nevada Artists Association, Carson City, USA. Galerie Australe, Noumea.
1998 Gold Coast City Art Gallery Qld. Hibiscus Gallery Sandy Bay Tas, Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea, NSW. Trio Ethel Street Gallery, Seaforth, NSW.
1999. BC Fine Art Gallery GC Qld. Quartet Hibiscus Gallery Sandy Bay, Tas. Duo Monterey Gallery, Auckland, NZ.
2000 World Federation Miniatures ASMA Tasmania Inc, Hobart Tas, Woolfit’s Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Oceanside Community Arts Council, Parkville British Columbia, Canada, The Paint Spot Gallery, Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC, USA, The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem PA, USA Casper Artists Guild, WY, USA.
2001 Mondak Heritage Centre, Montana, USA.
2003 Quartet exhibition, Inverell Art Society Gallery Inverell, NSW
2004 to 2007 continued exhibiting internationally at competitions and galleries; Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head NC, USA. MAS Florida, USA, MPSGS Washington DC USA-Smithsonian Inst. WFM exhibition-2004, Cider Painters USA Casper Artists at West Wind Gallery USA, Eldorado Gallery USA and Llewellyn Alexander Gallery London UK. Presbytere St. Nicolas Canada. In Australia, ASMA Qld International GCCAG and ASMA NSW Annual BC Fine Art Gallery GC Qld until 2008.
2008 WFM Burnie Regional Art Gallery Tasmania.
2010 Chosen by Veronica Cox exhibition from permanent collection Burnie Regional Art Gallery Tasmania
Residencies and Conducted Workshops
1991 Guardian Angel’s School Gold Coast Qld. Conducted workshops for several art societies in Tasmania.
1992 Cooktown Art Society, Qld.
1994 Zeehan Art Society Tas. Burnie for ASMA Tasmania Inc.
1995 Gold Coast Creative Arts Group, RQAS GC Branch Qld.
1996 Van Diemens Art Group and 3 other groups in Tas.


1977 Second prize Sydney Boat Show Art Competition.
1985 Lady Fairfax Memorial Prize, Royal Easter Show, Sydney, NSW, Sydney Artists’ Supply Co. Prize, Port Macquarie 1000 prize Contemporary and Modern Abstract.
1986 Grafton Westlawn Acquisition Prize
1990 Acquisitive Prize, First National Real Estate, Murwillumbah NSW
1992 First Abstract prize, Georgia Miniature Art Society, USA.
1993 First Miniatures, Blackheath Festival of Arts, NSW.
1994 Awarded Hilliard Miniature Society signature certificate membership of HS.
1995 First Miniature Wyong Festival of Arts, NSW.
1997 Became first Australian artist to be awarded Associated Membership of MPSGS of Washington DC USA. First Mixed Media Georgia Miniature Art Society USA.
1999 Third, Miniatures, Royal Easter Show, Sydney NSW.
2000 Human Figure Award, Miniature Art Challenge, C & J Gallery Illinois, USA. First, Miniatures, Wyong festival of Arts NSW, Short Listed for International Miniature Art Biennale, Augustin-Chénier, Quebec, Canada. Short Listed stained glass window design St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, Qld.
2001 Silver, Canadian Miniature Society, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Best of Show Casper Artists Guild, WY, USA. Second Abstract/Surrealism Miniature Art Society of Florida, USA, Colour Prize, Cider Painters of America. Elected Full Membership Society of Limners, UK.
2002 Colour and Composition prize Cider Painters of America. Second prize El Dorado Fine Art Gallery, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Best of Show, Mondak Heritage Centre, Sidney, Montana, USA, First prize Abstract/Surrealist Design, Lake Oswego Festival of Arts, Oregon, USA, First prize Mixed Media, Miniature Art Society Florida, USA, Gold and Silver, Surrealist/Abstract Award Canadian Miniature Society, Canada. Open prize Barcaldine Arts Council Inc. Qld.
2003 Edna Newbury Award, International prize and Signature Membership, Cider Painters of America. USA First prize El Dorado Fine Art Gallery Colorado, USA. Best in Show mixed media and Full Membership, Canadian Miniature Society, Canada. First prize Miniatures Capricorn Coast Arts Festival, Yeppoon, Qld
2004 Third prize, Casper Artists Guild, Montana, USA
2005 First prize watercolour Australian Society Miniature Art Qld International.
2007 Third prize Miniature Art Society of Florida USA
2015 Gold Award in Poetry Section of eLit Awards

Publishing, Illustrated Books

1999 began work on illustrations for The Waste Land Suite.
2002 began translating poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight from Middle English.
Completed 48 watercolours, including 30 miniatures for The Waste Land Suite.
2003 Began illustrations for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
2004 Completed illustrations for The Waste Land Suite. Art book published and distributed by Macmillan Art Publishing. Australia ISBN1 876 832 62 2. book designed by Jenny Zimmer and Charles Teuma.|
2005/2006 Wrote thriller, the Dragon Bone Consortium; painted Girl in the Cheongsam for the cover. Book published in print and Kindle 2013
2010 Began illustrated book of personal poetry.
2013 Began illustrations for The Lesser Grimm’s Fairytales.
2014 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, an illustrated and illuminated art book will be published in print and on Kindle.

Art Collections

Gold Coast City Art Gallery Collection. Burnie Regional Art Gallery Collection Tas.
Public and private collections in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia


1990 Artists and Galleries of Australia published by Max Germaine.
1991 A Dictionary of Women Artists of Australia by Max Germaine.
1996 Rebirth of a Passion, a History of the Australian Societies of Miniature Art, written and edited by Patricia Moy. Society of Women Writers NSW A Way of Happening.
1997 Antiques and Art in Queensland, August, Artists for Cinderella, and November, Art in Miniature by Jock Barrie. Who’s Who in Australasia and the Pacific Nations.
2000 Miniature Art of Australia Past and Present, published by Australian Society of Miniature Art Tasmania Inc.
2005 Craft Arts International issue 64 by Gordon Foulds review of The Waste Land Suite Art Book, Art Business News, May Volume 32 No. 5 Article on front cover Minis Are In by Jane Hart.

Artist Statement

My images are not planned. As they appear from the end of my brush onto my paper, I develop a story that fits the emerging image. I work this way in both large and miniature formats.
20th May 2014 Note: Many galleries are excluded; over 100 art awards below 3rd prizes are not mentioned. International exhibiting and framing artworks stopped with the GFC 2007. But painting continues to present day.


More Than Ten Treasures

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Poetry In Motion

May 29, 2021 - June 12, 2021

Trilogy – Exhibition and Book Launch

January 19, 2019 - February 2, 2019

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