Kaye Forster

Seeding The Forest

Forest Light

The Gift

Goldfish And Iris

Stasis II


The Black-Throated Finch: ‘Bird’s Eye View From A $2 Postage Stamp’

Swan Song

Once Were Forests


Seed Dreaming Below Bitumen

Genetically Modified Butterfly On Pink Cloud

Wild Orchid Fragments I

Wild Orchid Fragments II

Environmental Fragments I


Weeds And Feather

Environmental Fragments II



The Nest

Emergence II


Lux Aeterna


Kaye Forster is an arts graduate of Massey University (NZ), Curtin University (Aust) and holds an MVA from Monash University (Aust). She also studied photographic processes with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Aust).
Kaye’s environmental research-based work uses old and new photographic processes to emphasize the aesthetic merging of collected inorganic and organic materials. This approach highlights the beauty of nature, while also suggesting its celebratory transcendence from human domination.
Her environmental concerns, particularly human encroachment within eco-sensitive areas, are conceptually articulated by calotypes, a synthesis of photography, collected elements of nature and consumer debris. Sculptures of these materials are sometimes created as photographic studies. As a throwback to a favourite child-hood activity, she also makes images for large scale projections.
Much of Kaye’s current inspiration is not only derived from philosophy but also from poetry that resonates with her research, such as Mary Oliver’s Sleeping in the Forest, Theodore Roethke’s, The Swan, and The Dragonfly by Alfred Lord Tennyson. She believes that in offering an alternative and delicate way of engaging with our precious environment, Gaston Bachelard’s notion that ‘an environment shackled by human dominance engages a longing for transcendence’ is reinforced, as is Dante Alighier’s notion that ‘Beauty awakens the soul to act’.

Recent Achievements:

2021: Invited artist, for the Shanghai University Environmental Exhibition, Minhang District, Shanghai 22-29, September.
2020: Invited exhibiting artist for Environmental Art Exhibition Duke University USA
2020: Selected artist The Environmental Art Exhibition Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland
2019: Guest artist, Australian Creative Connections, Gadarte Gallery, Florence, Italy
2017: Finalist, two works selected for the Inaugural Art Piece Gallery 30 x 30 Art Prize, NSW, Australia
2016: Winner: ‘People’s Choice’, Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Queensland Australia
2016: Two works shortlisted for the APA, Australian Photography Award
2015: Selected as one of 35 Australian artists for the Western Australia Exhibition, Cooperative 2015 (a special event to raise funds for young emerging artists)
2015: Finalist in ‘The Collective’, exhibition, Perth Centre for Photography
2013: Finalist in the ‘Josephine Ulrick, Win Schubert Photography Award’, Australia
2012: One of five finalists in the Perth, ‘Uncover Photographic Award’ with ‘Into the Light’, multimedia series
2011: Finalist in the Perth, ‘Uncover Photographic Award, with Deep Woods, multimedia series
2010: A fourteen page feature article in the British based ‘Silvershotz Photographic Journal’.
2010: The Degree Exhibition, Curtin University, Perth WA.
2007: Multi-media installation, Lux Aeterna, for the exhibition, ‘Into the Light’, Massey University.


Mater Collection (Brisbane) and other private collections in Australia, New Zealand, France, England, USA (New York)

Studies relevant to environmental art work:

BA (Art), Curtin University; MVA (Master of Visual Arts), Monash University; Photographic Processes, (RMIT); Cert. English (Massey University); Ancient World Literature (Harvard)

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