Jill Lewis

Journey By Boat To A Bygone Era

A Land, Plant, Man And Animal Connection

They Required No Fossil Fuels

From Darkness Into Light

The Universal Farmers

Hello And Welcome To Uncertainty

The Queensland Effect

Some Talk, Some Watch, Some Wonder Why

Dancer In The Jungle

Calm Shelter In A Primeval Garden

Encounter With Yesterday’s Myth

Leaves And Lace

The Advanced School Of Balancing Acts

And They Did Their Own Things in Their Own Ways

Two Hearts, No Baggage

Magician Emerging From A Vase

Consultation Beside The River

Filtered Information

The Fisherman’s Daughter

The Question No One Could Answer

Totemic Bird

The Peacemakers At Work

A Season Of Happy Symbiosis

Same News Different Views

Birdman And Other Sociable Species

The Day No One Knew What To Do

The Necessary Chaos of Coexisting

The Walking Fish Is A Sign, They Said

The Survivor Paradox

They Sang And She Needed Them

Return Of The Midnight Horse

Memories Recharged And Renewed

The Curious Art Of Thought Swapping

Encounters Misunderstood

Do You Eat Grass and Have You Met The Queen

A Place For No Rushing

Water Spirits in the Rain

Language In Animal Code

Reasons And Seasons

Protectors And Guardians Of An Uncomplicated Life

They Only Need And Want The Moon

Witnessed And Judged Only By Palm Trees

Unmeasured Moments

Rocking Horse Consulting A Cloud

A Story Of Random Social Connections

If You’re Looking For Technology You’ve Come To The Wrong Town



1983 BA Fine Art RMIT University
1984 Grad Dip Fine Art Painting RMIT University
1985 Grad Dip Education Art Melb

Solo Exhibitions

2022 New Works, Anthea Polson Art, Qld (August)
2020 Sociable Species, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2019 Silent Conversations Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2015 Recent Paintings Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2013 Recent Paintings Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2012 Recent Work, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2012 Femme Fatales, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2012 Small Works Group Show, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2011 Recent Work, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2011 Contempo, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2010 Recent Paintings, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2009 Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane
2008 Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2007 Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney
2006 Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane
2005 Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2004 Greetings from La La Land, Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane
2003 Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney
2002 Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2001 Libby Edwards Gallleries Sydney
2000 Libby Edwards Gallleries South Yarra
1998 A Response to the Far North, McWhirter’s Art Space Brisbane

Group Exhibitions

2018 Little Treasures, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2017 Small Gifts, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 Artist’s Choice, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2014 Colours of Spring Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza. Vic
2012 Small Works Group Show, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2000 Summer Show Libby Edwards Galleries Portsea
1999 Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza. Grand Opening. (featuring artist)
1997 The ‘Tate’ Gallery Contemporary Art Space Noosa. Qld
1996 ‘SAVE’ Gilchrist Galleries, Brisbane
1996 Group – Gilchrist Galleries, Brisbane
1994 ‘PRISM’ – 10 QLD Artists. NOOSA Regional Art Gallery
1993 Fairhill Gallery Yandina Qld
1992 Australian Artisans’ Studio, Cairns
1992 ‘Man, Land, Images’ Cairns
1992 Palm Court Gallery, Cairns
1991 The Alice Art Prize (finalist) Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
1991 ‘Keep the Rivers Flowing’ The Environment Centre, Cairns
1991 ‘8 Local Artists’ Palm Court Gallery, Cairns
1991 Palm Court Gallery, Cairns ‘Invisible Art’ (documented by National Gallery Canberra)
1991 Palm Court Gallery, Cairns
1984 Roar Studios, Melbourne – three person show
1983 RMIT Post graduate exhibition RMIT Gallery, Melbourne travelling exhibition
2000 ‘Celebrating the Exquisite Corpse’ a Bendigo Art Gallery travelling exhibition


Mornington Regional Art Gallery
Wrotham Park Station P & O Resort, Cairns,
Queensland Marriot Hotel – Brisbane, business lobby
St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne
McDougall-Ireland Pty Ltd Brisbane.
Jupp Media Productions Mt Eliza Vic.
Royal South Yarra Tennis Club, Toorak, Vic.
University of the Sunshine Coast, Permanent Collection
Private collections in Japan, Taiwan, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Majorca and Australia.

Sociable Species

September 26, 2020 - October 10, 2020

Silent Conversations

June 22, 2019 - June 26, 2019

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