Elaine Green

Clouds At Dusk 1

Clouds At Dusk 2

Clouds At Dusk 3

Feeling Tall

Near And Far 1

Ominous Weather Incoming 1

Sailing Back To Shore

Stormy Beach Day 2

Morning On The River 4

Mist In The Clearing

Toward The Bridge

Church From The River

Ross In March 1

Ross In March 2

Twilight In The Midlands

Macquarie River From Ross Bridge

From Ross Bridge 2

Morning Reflections

On The Banks Of The Macquarie River


Coming And Going

A Splash Of Red 1

Nature’s Renewal 4

Nature’s Renewal 2

Natures Renewal 1

Afternoon High Tide I

Morning Mist 3

Green Hill’s Splendour

Stormy Day In Stanley

Tranquil Morning

Blue Heaven

View #13

Green Serenity

The Divergence

Bonnie’s Morning Walk In Paradise

Bruny Afternoon

Stormy Beach Day 1

Pink Glow

Morning On The River 3

Summer Storm

Flying In To The Storm

Summer Storm

Late In Spring

Valley View

Flooded Midlands 3

Misty River 1

Misty River 2

Floodlands 2

Floodlands 4

Floodlands 6

Day At The Arboretum 2

Day At The Arboretum 1

Flooded Midlands 2

Flooded Midlands 1

Stormy Saturday

Forest Delights 1

Forest Delights 2

Forest Delights 3

Nature’s Bliss 14

Nature’s Bliss 13

A Splash Of Red 2

A Splash Of Red 3

Nature’s Renewal 5

Nature’s Renewal 3

Another Fresh Day I

Freshest Day

View From Here I

View From Here 2

Clouds Over Godfrey’s Beach

Threatening Skies I

Afternoon Blush

View From There I

Along The Way 1

Along The Way 2

Flying Over The Treetops

Tassie Country 1

Tides In 3

Morning Serenity 2

Red Flowers 4

Blue Flowers 2

Blue Flowers

Kate’s Garden

Red Flowers 2

Red Flowers 3

Night Blues 2

Night Blues 1

Over The Fence

Swirling Sea

Christmas Bush

Blue Waters

Moonlit Nut

Rose Glow

Toward The Tarkine

Tassie Greens

From My Window

Distant Blue

Beach Blues

Bass Strait Blues

Aqua Morning

Godfrey’s Greenery

Greenhills Moods

Lilac Hues

Sea Of Green

Stormy Blue

Sailor Be Warned

Bioluminescent Evening 2

Bioluminescent Evening

Evening Blush

Magic Of The Tarkine

Stanley Clouds 1

Earths Exhaultation #5

Misty Bilambil Morn

Red Delight

Near Boat Harbour

Garden View

Near Flowerdale

Peaceful Valley

N.W Tassie Landscape 1

As The Mist Lifts On Another Day

Near Yolla

Near Wynyard

Near Rianna

Near Lapoinya


December Surprises #2

December Surprises #3

Pink Paradise

Heading For Shore

Country Mist

On The Banks Of The Tweed River


solo exhibitions

2023 Reflecting Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2022 Views Of North West Tassie Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2020 The Way I see It Highfield House, Stanley, Tas
2019 Changing Moods, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2018 Contemplations Of Place, M-Arts, Murwillumbah, NSW
2017 Clouds, Mist And Other Illusions Anthea Polson Art, Main Beach, Qld
2015 Universal Energy Fit Hit Studio, Coolangatta, Qld
2014 Moodscapes Waterside Artspace, Currumbin, Qld
2013 E-Scapes Kartel, Cabarita, Qld
2015 Energy Never Dies Perculator Gallery, Paddington, Qld
2015 Remembered Landscapes The White Jade, Pottsville, NSW

prizes & awards

2022 Finalist, Tidal Art Prize, Devenport Regional Gallery, Tas
2022 Finalist, BAM Art Prize, NSW
2022 Finalist, Kangaroo Valley Art Prize, NSW
2022 Finalist, Kennedy Art Prize, Adelaide, SA
2021 Finalist, Women’s Art Prize Tasmania, Burnie & Hobart, Tas
2021 Finalist, Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize (professional artists section), NSW
2021 Finalist, Lethbridge Landscape Prize – Salon des Refuses, Qld
2021 Highly Commended, Glover Art Prize, Tas
2020 Finalist, Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award, Qld
2020 Finalist, Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize (emerging artists section), NSW
2020 Finalist, Glover Art Prize, Tas
2019 People’s Choice Award – ARTEX, Tas
2019 Highly Commended – TASARTS, Tas
2019 Invited Finalist – Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize, Brisbane, Qld
2019 Highly Commended – Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize (emerging artists section), NSW
2019 Finalist, Milburn Art Prize, Brisbane Institute of Art, Qld
2019 Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane, Qld
2018 Invited Finalist – Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize, Brisbane, Qld
2017 Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Qld
2016 Finalist, Brisbane Art Prize, Qld
2016 Finalist, Waverley Art Prize, NSW
2016 Finalist, Camberwell Art Prize, Vic
2016 Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Qld
2016 Finalist, Rotary Art Prize, Qld
2016 Finalist, Border Art Prize, NSW
2015 Finalist, Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, NSW
2015 Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Qld
2015 Curator’s Choice, Byron Arts Classic, Qld
2015 Finalist, She Art Prize Walker Gallery, Dandenong, Vic
2014 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Qld
2014 Finalist, Border Art Prize, NSW
2014 Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Qld
2013 The Kaske Award for Painting, SCU
2013 Finalist, Len Fox Art Award Castlemaine, Vic.
2013 First Prize, Ocean Shores Art Expo, NSW
2013 Finalist, Wilson Art Award Lismore, NSW
2012 Finalist, Border Art prize, Tweed River Art Gallery, Qld
2012 Selected Caldera Art Prize, Muwillumbah, NSW
2012 Finalist, Artfelt Prize, Ballina Community Gallery, NSW
2012 Finalist, Wilson Art Prize, Trinity College, Lismore NSW
2011 Finalist, Len Fox Prize, Castlemaine Gallery, Vic
2011 Finalist, Artfelt Art Prize, Ballina Community Gallery, NSW
2010 Stage 1 Regional Winner for Student Art Acquisitive, Muwillumbah Tafe, NSW
2010 Highly Commended, Ocean Shores Art Expo, Ocean Shores, NSW

group exhibitions

2020 Cristmas At Tedder Avenue, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2019 Artist’s Choice, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2018 Little Treasures, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2017 Small Gifts Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 Artist’s Choice Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 Regeneration, Aspire Gallery Brisbane, Qld
2015 Memory and Place, Cowper Art Gallery
2014 Transit Grad Show, SCU
2014 Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Qld
2014 Border Art Prize, Tweed River Art Gallery, NSW
2014 Lethbridge 10000, Paddington, Qld
2013 Border Art Prize, Gold Coast Art Gallery, Qld
2013 Ocean Shores Art Expo, NSW
2013 Wilson Art Prize, Trinity College Lismore, NSW
2013 Dark Light Terrain, SCU Lismore, NSW
2013 Myth to Metaphor Southern Cross University Lismore, NSW
2012 Artfelt Art Prize, Ballina Community Gallery, NSW
2012 Wilson Art Prize, Trinity College Lismore, NSW.
2011 Elevenseeds Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby, NSW.
2011 Len Fox Painting Prize Castlemaine Art Gallery, Vic
2011 Artfelt Art Prize, Ballina Community Gallery, NSW
2011 Ocean Shores Art Expo, Ocean Shores, NSW
2010 Upstarts Art Exhibition, Murwillumbah TAFE, NSW
2010 Tafe Student Art Acquisitive, Lismore Tafe, NSW
2009 John Flynn Hospital Art Festival, Tugun, Qld
2006 Border Art Prize, Tweed River Regional Art Gallery, Murwillumbah, NSW


2014 Tweed River Art Gallery

artist statement

Rather than ‘framing Nature’, Elaine Green’s work has always resonated the 19th century Romantic notion of elevating landscape painting to a metaphysical level. It is seen as the extension of an inner sense of being, a place where Nature and Self are fused. The difference between the observer and the observed is subsumed in a boundless luminosity. “Like all artists I am constantly seeking the light,” she reflects. “The troposphere, constantly in motion, provides never-ending inspiration and challenges to capture that light and the changing moods of the environment.”

Only very recently Elaine moved her abode away from the northern NSW region with its early morning vistas of mist-enshrouded forests and peaks. She now lives in Stanley, a little fishing village on the North West coast of Tasmania.

Elaine Green has a degree in visual arts from Southern Cross University and studied Fine Arts at Murwillumbah TAFE. Primarily a landscape artist, her works are influenced in part by her Scottish-English heritage.  Over the last few years Elaine has received a number of awards, been a finalist in Sunshine Coast Art Prize, SHE Art Prize, Eutick Memorial Still Life Awards, Len Fox Art Prize, and was privileged last year to be accepted for an Artists Residency at Tweed River Art Gallery. “It is the essence and the energy I am attempting to portray, my interest is in what lies beyond the mist. By blurring and blending I allow the paint to create the atmosphere, losing the detail to reveal the story.”


May 27, 2023 - June 17, 2023

Hues Of North West Tassie

January 22, 2022 - February 12, 2022

Changing Moods

September 21, 2019 - October 5, 2019

Clouds, Mist And Other Illusions

August 26, 2017 - September 9, 2017

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