Dean Bowen

Yellow Canary (II)

Black Cat With Crescent Moon

Echidna Path

Black Cat

Red Parrot Watching Ladybirds

Night Owl (Four Leaves)


The Long Tail

Landscape With Wombat And Owl

The Home Of Love (Red Cloud)

Walking Echidna

Skyscraper With Giant Bee (skytree)

Landscape With Ladybirds

Small Kooka (II)

Pensive Penguin


Blue Budgie

Perching Owl

The House Of Love (tiny)


Car Ferry (Sea Crossing)

Cat IV

Scaredy Cat

House Of Love

Baby Driver

Father Driving Children

24hr Car Recovery

Renault Club


Perching Black Bird (West)

Birds Watching Comet

Yellow Canary

Anxious Dog With Ladybirds

Balancing Blue Bird (Ladybird Highway)

Perching Green Bird (Cumulus)


Perching Kookaburra

The Castle

Black Cat (Sitting)

Piggy Back

The Ivory Tower (five clouds)

Ivory Tower With Crescent Moon

Attentive Cat


Whistling Bird

Climbing Ladybirds (Family)

Finger With Ladybird

Perching Canary

Home With Paths

Yellow Budgie


Young Kookaburra (Bandit Eyes)

Echidna (Bed Of Nails)

Echidna (baby)

Small Pleasures

Cargo Boat

Magpie With Bee

Budgie Watching Rain

Currawong With Curved Tail (study)

Bird Lover

Echidna With Bird

The House Of Love (Nocturnal)

Penguin With Melting Iceberg


Climbing Ladybirds (Mother and Baby)

Home With Comet (The Tall Chimney)

Black Sheep – Mother and Lamb

The House Of Love (small version)

Observant Parrot

Jack’s Towing



Monash University, Ph. D (Extending Printmaking)
Monash University, Master of Arts (Printmaking)
RMIT, Diploma of Fine Art (Printmaking)
Born Maryborough, Victoria


Menagerie, Paintings and Sculpture, Anthea Polson Art, Main Beach, Qld
Nitty Gritty, Bronzes and Paintings, Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
Nitty Gritty, New Bronzes and Sculptures, Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff, Victoria
Journey, Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Imagining Centaur, The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne
Blue Constellation, Paintings, Sculpture, Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff, Victoria
Dean Bowen Prints , Buchbinderei Lang, Leverkusen, Germany
New, Paintings, Sculpture and Prints , Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Ladybird Mountain , Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Cascade Art, Maldon, Victoria
The Home of Kindness , Paintings and Sculpture, Anthea Polson Art, Main Beach, Queensland
Abode, Paintings, Sculpture, Lithographs , Eastgate Gallery, Hawthorn, Victoria
Home is Where the Heart is , Whitehorse Artspace, Box Hill Town Hall
The Welcome Stranger : Assemblages, Bronzes and Small Paintings, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
Dean Bowen, Now : Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff
Home: Painting and Bronze Sculpture, Mossgreen Gallery Melbourne
Auto Export : Recent Paintings, Sculpture and Prints, Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff
Pinnacle : PG Printmaker Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Currawong , Paintings and Sculptures, Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
New Morning , Paintings, Bronzes and Prints, Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Prints, Paintings and Sculpture , The Art Vault, Mildura
Dean Bowen, Paintings, Sculpture and Prints , Hamilton Art Gallery
20th Anniversary Exhibition, Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto
Castlemaine State Festival , Campbell House Exhibition, Dean Bowen: Paintings, Sculpture and Prints
Salt Gallery, Queenscliff
Customs House Artspace, Port of Echuca
Day by Day , Survey Exhibition, Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum
Jar of Stars , Charcoal Drawings, Bronze Sculpture and Prints, Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
“Recent Paintings, Prints and Drawings”, Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto
“Bird Lover”, Paintings and Sculpture, Motorworks Gallery, Melbourne Grammar School
Mars Gallery, Pop up Space, 459 Collins Street, Melbourne
“Paintings, Prints and Sculpture”, Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek
“Cluster” Paintings and Sculpture, Beaver Galleries, Canberra
“Day by Day”, Paintings and Sculpture BMG ART, Adelaide
“Recent Lithographs”, Port Jackson Press, Melbourne
“Selected Paintings, Prints and Sculpture”, Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine, Victoria
“The House of Love”, Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
Returning Comet , Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough, Victoria
“Aviary”, Recent Paintings, Sculpture and Prints, Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
“A Jar of Stars”, Dean Bowen, Maroondah Art Gallery, Ringwood, Victoria
Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane
Qdos Arts, Lorne, Victoria
Greenhill Galleries, Perth
Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Argy Bargy , The Art of Dean Bowen, Benalla Art Gallery, Paintings, prints, sculpture 1993-2009.
The Art of Dean Bowen, Warrnambool Art Gallery
Curious Corner. The Art of Dean Bowen . Warrnambool Art Gallery
Transmetropol Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
Gomboc Gallery, Western Australia (Sculpture Survey 2008)
Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
‘Illumination’, Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
Axia Modern Art, Melbourne (Urban Heartland)
Greenhill Galleries, Perth
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Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane
Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
Axia Modern Art, Melbourne (On the Road Again)
Swan Hill Gallery, Swan Hill
Icon Museum of Art, Deakin University, Melbourne (Urban Bird)
Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Jan Murphy Gallery,Brisbane
Greenhill Galleries, Perth
Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney
Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
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BMG Art, Adelaide
Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Greenhill Galleries, Perth
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Australian Galleries, Sydney
Shirota Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Australian Galleries, Melbourne (Bronzes)
BMG Art, Adelaide
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Galerie Fallet, Geneva, Switzerland
Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Australian Galleries, Melbourne
Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
Australian Galleries, Sydney
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Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto, Japan
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Motor Works Gallery, Melbourne Grammar School
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Grahame Galleries, Brisbane
Australian Galleries, Melbourne
Australian Galleries, Melbourne
Australian Galleries, Melbourne
Acland Street Art Gallery, St Kilda
Exhibition Space, Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne


John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria
Animalia, Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
Zoographia, Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney
Mosman Art Prize
Montalto Sculpture Prize, Montalto Winery, Red Hill, Victoria
Tessellar Sculpture Prize, Silvan, Victoria
Deakin University Small Sculpture Award
& Art Fair, djprojects, 220 Spencer Street, Melbourne
Deakin University Small Sculpture Award
Salt Gallery, Queenscliff
Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award
Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize
McClelland Sculpture Survey, McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery
The Object Divine, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Caulfield
International Print Exhibition, Australia and Japan, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Fukayama Museum of Art
Lorne Sculpture Biennale
Gallipoli Art Prize, Sydney
ANL Maritime Art Award, Melbourne
Sopra Mobile, Melbourne Savage Club, Invitation Sculpture Prize
Contemporary Small Sculpture Award 2013, Deakin University Gallery, Burwood
Two Decades of Fine Art, Possum Gully Gallery, Adelaide Lead
Mt.Buller Sculpture Award, Victoria
A Question of Scale – Maquttes and small sculpture from the permanent collection, Geelong Gallery
Paul Guest Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery
R and M McGivern Prize, Maroondah Art Gallery, Ringwood
National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
The Art of Mokuhanga: Contemporary Japanese Woodblock Prints. Royal Scottish Academy Galleries, Edinburgh, Scotland
Suburbia, Wyndham Art Gallery, Werribee March/April 2012
Suburbanology, Geelong Art Gallery
Collective Memory: Facets of the Permanent Collection, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
Silent Feathers, Maroondah Art Gallery
Dean Bowen and Rona Green, Solander Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
Stone Love, 20 Years Lancaster Press, Melbourne
Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Blake Prize, National Art School Gallery, Sydney
Colas Fondation, Boulogne-Billancourt,Paris,France
Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Melbourne Campus at Burwood
Director’s Choice: New additions to the Permanent Collection, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW
Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Salon Des Refuses, National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney
Regards Croises: Australie-France, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France.
Point of connection: Print Workshop Encounters, Grafton Regional Gallery
The freedom of angels sculpture in a century of upheaval. Geelong Gallery
The Cat, Umeno Memorial Museum of Art, Tohmi City, Nagano, Japan
The ANL Maritime Art Exhibition, The Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne
The Lorne Sculpture Exhibition.
Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Deakin University, Burwood.
International Print Exhibition, Yunnan, China
Tesselaar Sculpture Prize, Silvan, Victoria
MacarthurCook Art Awards 2008, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne, Victoria
An approach to the landscape, Axia Modern Art, Melbourne, Victoria
The Helen Lempriere Sculpture Award and Exhibition, Werribee Park, Victoria
Recent acquisitions, Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria
Internationale Kunstler, Glass Inspiration, Burgdorf, Switzerland
Introductions, Davidson Galleries, Seattle, USA
Let them roam, Harrison Galleries, Sydney
Artists’ Ink: Printmaking 1970 2001, Warrnambool Art Gallery Collection
‘Beauty of Heavenly Bodies and the Universe’, Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Japan
Dusan International Print Fair, Dusan Art Centre, Daegu, Korea
Passion Printing, Lithographs printed by Fred Genis and Peter Lancaster
Lancaster Press, Melbourne
Australian Printmaking, 1960’s to the present Day, Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum
Montalto Sculpture Prize, Montalto Vinyard, Red Hill
The Artist/The Printmaker, Australian Art Resources, Melbourne
Melbourne Savage Club Invitation Prize for Painting
The Big Small Tapestry Show, Victorian Tapestry Workshop
We are all animals, Latrobe University Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo
Aquabon, Centre International Estampe et Livre. URDLA, Villeurbanne, France
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Expansion, Lancaster Press, Brooklyn, Melbourne
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Contempora 2, Docklands Festival of Sculpture, New Quay, Melbourne
Montalto Sculpture Prize, Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove Red Hill
“Renascence”, The 10th Anniversary of Post Earthquake Restoration, Hyogo
International Competition of Painting, Hygo Perfectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan
Australian Art Resources, Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai
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The Motor Show, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Collingwood
Des Yeux aux Images, Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Bron, France
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Owl on my head: Small sculpture from the collection, Geelong Gallery
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The Lane Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
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Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney, with Tony Chadwick
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A Survey of Cotemporary Australian Printmaking, Warrnambool Art Gallery
“Triennial Continents”, Ksiaz Castle Gallery, Walbrzych, Poland
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Intergrafica 2000, World Award Winners Gallery, Katowice, Poland
Qingdao International Print Biennial, PR China
Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
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Contemporary Linocuts, McClelland Gallery, Langwarrin (touring)
Art and the Printing Press, 15th International Small Engraving Exhibition, Cremona, Italy
Pleasure, Australian Galleries, Works on Paper, Melbourne
Central Goldfields Sculpture Award, Maryborough, Victoria
International Triennial ’97 Rio de Janeiro, Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Geelong Print Prize, Geelong Art Gallery
Atelier Franck Bordas Paris, Australian Galleries, Works on Paper, Melbourne
Sculpture, Australian Galleries, Sydney with Augustine Dall’ava, Stuart James and Alex Kosmas
23rd International Biennial of Graphic Art Ljubljana, Slovenia
Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, Gold Coast City Art Gallery
“On the Road: The Car in Australian Art”, Museum of Modern Art, at Heide, December 1999
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Graphic Constellation Cultural City Network, Graz, Austria
International Triennial ’97 Cracow -Nuernberg Fair Centre, Nuernberg, Germany
The Cask an Aussie Icon, Vichealth Access Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria
Victorian Tapestry Workshop at Australian Galleries, Sydney
International Print Triennial ’97, Cracow, Poland
Fremantle Print Award
Osaka Print Triennale, Mydome Osaka, Osaka
Alice Prize, Alice Springs
City of Hobart, Art Prize
“The Sea”, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
Artists’ Books and Multiples Fair ’96, Brisbane
Silk Cut Acquisitive Award, RMIT Gallery Storey Hall, Melbourne
Anthologie 1978-1996 Atelier URDLA, Lyon, France
3rd Sapporo International Print Biennale, Sapporo, Japan
SAGA Print Fair, Paris
Europ’ART, Geneva International Art Fair, Switzerland
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11th International Grafik -Triennale Frechen 1996, Germany
UWS Macarthur National Print Media Acquisitive, Casula
Powerhouse Arts Centre, N.S.W.
Toowoomba Biennial Acquisitive, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Queensland
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Gold Coast City Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queensland
Alice Prize, Alice Springs
4th London Artists’ Book Fair, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London
2nd Egyptian International Print Triennale, Cairo, Egypt
Mornington Regional Gallery, 12th Biennial Prints
Contemporary Printmakers, La Trobe Regional Gallery, Morwell
Art of Reproduction, Plimsoll Gallery , University of Tasmania, Hobart
2nd Artist Book International, The Waldorf Astoria Towers, New York
From silkscreen to computer screen. 20 years of the Fremantle
Print Award, Fremantle (Touring)
Alice Prize, Alice Springs
Osaka Print Triennale 1994, Mydome Osaka, Osaka, Japan
SAGA Print Fair, Paris
International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia
SAGA Print Fair, Paris
Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris
Fremantle Print Award
Atelier Franck Bordas, Paris
ARCO 92, Madrid
SAGA Print Fair, Paris
Fremantle Print Award
Henri Worland 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Warrnambool Art Gallery
SAGA Print Fair, Paris
Henri Worland Memorial Print Award, Warrnambool Art Gallery
Fremantle Print Award
Transitional Times, Print Council of Australia (Touring)
Edition 2/91 Basel, Switzerland
Th Gallery, Lyon, France (L’URDLA Chez Th)
URDLA, Une annee d’editions, Lyon, France
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Australian Prints, Florida State University, USA
Australian Prints, Alabama Festival of Arts, Birmingham, USA
Second Irish Mini Print Exhibition, Dublin
Australian Contemporary Art, A-Z Gallery, Tokyo, ]apan


City of Wodonga, Echidna Bronzes, High Street, Wodonga
Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park, Bronze Commissions, Merricks, VIC
Lavington Library Sculpture Commission, Albury City Council
Grimwade House, Melbourne Grammar School, bronze commission
Deakin University, Burwood Campus, bronze commission
Hamilton Art Gallery, bronze commissions
Maroondah City Council, Glen Park, Sculpture Commission
Wyndham City,bronze commission, Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre
arts/ACT Canberra, Gungahlin Bronze Commission.
Colas Fondation, Paris, France
Hobson’s Bay City Council, McCormack Park, Laverton, Sculpture Commission
Canterbury Primary School, Centennial Sculpture Commission
City of Greater Shepparton Sculpture commission, Shepparton Showgrounds
Small Tapestries Project, Victorian Tapestry Workshop
City of Melbourne, Melbourne Town Hall Tapestry
Transitional Times, Print Council of Australia (Member Print)
ICI Print Commission
Print Council of Australia (Member Print)


The Inaugural Macarthur Cook Art Awards 2007 (3rd Prize)
Popular Choice Award, Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, Werribee Park, Victoria
Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, Gold Coast City Art Gallery (Acquisitive Sculpture)
Bathurst Art Purchase, Bathurst Regional Gallery (Acquisitive Sculpture)
Boyne Smelters Ltd Award (Sculpture)
Nillumbik Art Award (Acquisitive Print and Sculpture)
Mornington Peninsula Art Centre (Acquisitive Print)
Toowoomba Biennale, Toowoomba Regional gallery (Acquisitive Sculpture)
Silk Cut Award (Acquisitive Print)
Arts 21, International Export and Touring Program Grant
Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award, Grafton Regional Gallery
Murwillumbah Print Prize
Monash University, Graduate Scholarship
Fremantle Print Award
Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award, Works on Paper, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery
Australia-France Foundation Grant
Collie Trust Award
Dyason Bequest Grant (Art Gallery of New South Wales)
City of Logan (Acquisitive Print)
City of Richmond (Acquisitive Print)
Mornington Peninsula Art Centre (Acquisitive Print)
Henri Worland Memorial Print Award (Acquisitive Print)
Mornington Peninsula Art Centre (Acquisitive Print)
Maryborough Arts Centre Award


Tai-he Award, 1st International Print Biennial of Beijing, P.R.China
12th Space International Print Biennial, Seoul, Korea
Sponsors prize, 4th Sapporo International Print Biennale, Japan
Daikin Industries Company Prize, Osaka Print Triennale, Japan
Mainichi Broadcasting System Prize, Osaka Print Triennale, Japan


Art Gallery of New South Wales


Atelier Devreux-Gerbaud, St Christol De Rodieres, France

Atelier Franck Bordas, Paris, France

Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

Australian Securities Commission

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

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Baillieu Myer Collection

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Benalla Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery

Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, France

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France

Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery, Queensland

Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum

Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, Bedford, UK

Centre de la Gravure de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, La Louvière, Belgium

Channel 10, Sydney

City of Banyule

City of Fremantle

City of Logan

City of Melbourne

City of Port Phillip

City of Richmond

City of Whitehorse

City of Wodonga

Cremona Public Museum, (Prints Cabinet), Cremona, Italy

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Davenport Regional Gallery

Deakin University, Burwood and Geelong

Deutsche Bank, Geneva, Switzerland

Elgee Park

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Flexovit Abrasives, Australia

Fondation Colas, Paris, France

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Geelong Art Gallery

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

Gold Coast City Art Gallery

Grafton Regional Gallery

Hamilton Regional Gallery

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Hobsons Bay City Council


James Hardie Collection, State Library of QLD

Kiriaki Company Ltd, Sapporo, Japan

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

Mackay City Library , Queensland

Macquarie University art Collection

Maroondah City Council

Maryborough Community Arts Centre

Melbourne Grammar School

Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne

Monash University, Gippsland Campus

Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre

Muzeum Naradowe, Warsaw, Poland

National Bank of Australia

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

National Library of Australia, Canberra

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

New England Regional Gallery

Nillumbik Shire Council


Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra

Peter Mac Art Collection, Melbourne

Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park

Print Council of Australia

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Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

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Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew
Geelong Grammar School, Geelong
Grimwade House, Melbourne Grammar School, Caulfield
Nagasawa Art Park, Workshop Program for Japanese woodblock printmaking Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan
Melbourne Grammar School, South Yarra


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