Cathy Quinn

Azure Horizons 1

Azure Horizons 2

A Dream In A Raindrop

In And Around

Dancing Hues

The Resting Point

Rock Scramble



Into The Valley

Seascape In Umber

Into The Pink

Lingering Dream

Moonlight Mountain

Afternoon At The Casbah



The Water Between Us

Passing Through II

Distant Blue

The Worthwhile Journey

The Lookout

Nestled In The Foothills

Hot Hinterland

Something In The Air

Dappled Light

The Tropics

Afternoon Light


Blue Mountain #2

Desert Valley

My Garden Haven

Parallel Relection

Seascape With Dappled Sky

Seascape In Blue

A World Of Ones Own

Welcoming The Sunshine

Inviting The Joy


Roads Travelled

Stuck In The Middle With You

Beyond The Green

Burst Of Spring



Cicada (Summer Sounds)

Reflection Pond

Hill Of Abundance


Dreamy Afternoon


Everything’s Rosy

Byron Dreaming

Blue Mountain #1


My current practice is an interpretation of my environment and experiences conditioned by my imagination.  Looking into the distance and experiencing the uncertainty of what lies within and beyond those undulating mountains. My focus is on the ambiguity created by melding shapes and weaving the layers of colour light and atmosphere.


1986: BA (fine Art) at Chisholm Institute, now Monash University, Victoria
1997: Christies Education, Australian Art
2010: La Trobe College of Education: Studio & practice development


2022 Nature’s Garden Lon Retreat, Vic
2022 Hinterland Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2020 From Within Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2019 Invited Finalist – Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize, Brisbane Qld
2019 Townhall Gallery Boroondara Arts – About Abstraction, Vic
2019 Melbourne Gals Art Images Gallery, Adelaide SA
2018 Little Treasures, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2018 The Still Of Day (solo exhibition) Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2018 St Kevin’s Art Show – FINALIST, Vic
2018 The Colour Field, Art Images Gallery, SA
2018 Rythym And Flow, Eco Outdoor, Richmond Vic
2017 Small Gifts, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2017 St Kevin’s Art Prize – FINALIST, Vic
2017 Under The Sky, STK Art Space, Vic
2017 Summer Series, Salt Contemporary Art
2016 Artist’s Choice – A Christmas Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 Eclectica WWS Foundation Art Show, Mittagong, NSW
2016 St Kevin’s Art Show, WINNER – ‘Best Modern Painting’, Vic
2016 Alternate Reality (solo exhibition) Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2016 ACMD Acqusitive Art Prize, St Vincent’s Hospital, Vic
2016 Anthea Polson Art Comes To Melbourne, Menzies Auction Rooms, Vic
2016 Pop up gallery At the beach – summer group show, Sorrento Victoria
2015 Waterfront Gallery ARI Group Show- Colours of Melbourne presented by Magnus Collective & DC Gibbons
2014 Chapman & Bailey Gallery Group Show- Belle Arti 2014 Prize
2014 Tacit Contemporary Art Group Show- Off the Wall exhibition
2014 Tacit Contemporary Art Solo Show – Beyond
2014 NGV Melbourne Now- Abbotsford Convent Open Studios
2013 St Heliers St Gallery at Abbotsford Convent Solo show – Imagined Worlds
2013 69 Smith St Gallery Group Show – Secret life of
2012 St Heliers St Gallery at Abbotsford Convent Tenants Christmas Exhibition
2012 Chapman and Bailey Gallery Group Show – Belle Arti 2012 Prize
2012 69 Smith St Gallery Group Show- the Secret Life of Space
2011 Linden Gallery – Postcard Show
2010 69 Smith St Gallery Group show – the Secret Life of the City
2010 La Trobe College Gallery Group show – Black and White
1990 The Printmakers Art, Smith Gallery, UK
1987 Victorian Print Workshop Group Printmaking Exhibition
1986 Reconnaissance Gallery Group Printmaking Exhibition
1985 70 Arden Street Gallery
Involved in the organisation and co- ordination of printmaking exhibition of various graduating art schools including Monash Uni (Chisholm) Victorian Collage of Arts and RMIT Bundoora
1985 Chisholm Institute (Monash University) – Awarded High Commendation, Lucato Prize

Immersive Landscapes : exploring natures vibrant vortex

September 21, 2024 - October 5, 2024


May 28, 2022 - June 11, 2022

From Within

May 30, 2020 - June 13, 2020

The Still of Day

July 7, 2018 - July 21, 2018

Alternate Reality

July 16, 2016 - July 30, 2016

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