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Hugh Sawrey

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Featured below are select works by Hugh Sawrey. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Fishing Along The Culgoa Hobbling Out The Horses Desert Oaks - On The Verge Of The Simpson Desert The Shearer's Picnic
The Parlour Sing-A-Long Cobb & Co W.Qld The Boulia Picnic Races - W Qld In Darkie Dwyers Pub Kogan Creek Qld
The Hookey Players - Elliot Hotel NT c 1978 Hi Jinks at Darky Dwyers Pub - Kogan Qld The Arrival Of The Stores Truck Silks And Satins
The Swy Game The Rabbiter And His Wife Along The Paroo - Western Queensland The Red Roo And The Blue Flier
Saltbush Bill's Second Fight Drovers Camp Along The Paroo Stock-Route Any Other Time On The Plains of Morney - Channel Country SW Qld
The Fanciers By The Horse Yards - Springvale Station W.Qld Late! (Cobb & Co) Queensland Ringer