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Arthur Boyd

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Featured below are select recently sold works by Arthur Boyd. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Bundanon Garden and Studio 1993 ( with Yvonne) Potter and His Wife And Plaster Head Pottery Destroyed by Fire 1970 Morning Shoalhaven Landscape
Nebuchadnezzar In Search Of Gold Shoalhaven Landscape with Black Figure 1998/99 Shoalhaven Bushland 1972 Birds in the Forest - from the Hunter Series
Shoalhaven Riverbank With Reflections Four Times a Day - Morning Pulpit Rock 1982 Early Morning Shoalhaven Spring On The Shoalhaven
Skier On A Starry Night Shoalhaven Riverbank Landscape With Yacht Shoalhaven Reflections Shoalhaven Riverbank
Wimmera Landscape Bundanon Landscape Head In The Cup 1963 Shoalhaven With Cockatoo c'1988
Shoalhaven Riverbank Wimmera Landscape Nebuchadnezar