Cottrell, Douglas, Edge, Lincoln

Diverse Perspectives

September 20 - October 4 2014

Diverse Perspectives showcases the innate vitality of contemporary art through the very varied approaches of four artists. Pushing aesthetic boundaries both visually and in the use of materials, Douglas, Lincoln, Cottrell and Edge seek to communicate their private visions. The broad spectrum of creative expression extends our own perceptions, encouraging us to see and experience in new, imaginative ways


If there's honey on the fox's nose don't look for truffles in the geese's feathers and other stories

"My style of painting explores the possibilities of abstraction through camouflage and the fragmentation of form. The hard edge triangulated shapes have a chaotic beauty that hopefully draws the viewer into the image.
The primary subject is the fox, an animal typifying the trickster and often used in story telling. Traditionally known for its cunning, the fox is also a messenger with magic powers, amongst other things. The baby elephant painting is inspired by an old Buddhist tale in which a blind man's description of an elephant functions as a discourse on the nature of truth. The complexity of the Tabletop 2 work is the result of an ongoing exploration into the visual opportunities inherent in modern technology. Through a series of high tech and low tech processes, the painting table in my studio was transfigured into a myriad of kaleidoscopic-like shapes." John Cottrell, August 2014
Born Toora, Victoria, John Cottrell currently lives and works in Byron Bay. He has a Diploma of Fine Art, Riverina Murray Institute of Higher Education, Wagga Wagga 1986, a Graduate Diploma of Art, Hunter Institute of Higher Education, Newcastle 1987 and Studio Craftsperson, Charles Stuart University 1988. Cottrell was Winner of the Border Art Prize, Gold Coast City Art Gallery 2013; Winner of the Peter Carroll Encouragement Award, Wilson Visual Arts Award, Lismore Regional Gallery 2013 and Winner of the Echo Easter Arts Classsic, Epicentre Art Gallery Prize, Byron Bay 1993. His work is represented in various collections including: Artbank; Gold Coast University Hospital; KPMG Collection, Brisbane; Mater Hospital Collection, Brisbane; John Flynn Memorial Hospital, Gold Coast; Byron Bay Hospital, Byron Bay; Charles Stuart University, Wagga Wagga; Commonwealth Bank, Brisbane. Commissions include: the Liverpool Hospital 1994; Dockside, Brisbane 1989 and the Maitland Hospital 1989.



"Largo is a musical term used to indicate that a piece should be played in a slow, drawn out manner.

My body of work is about journeys, dreams and encounters, both welcome and unwanted, as seen through the eyes of an anxious carnophobe. I draw inspiration from mythology, particularly Norse, Japanese and Chinese. However, I often subvert or make light of dark mythical situations, turning scenes of turmoil into peaceful ones. Awkward situations made whimsical: largo can be both calm and brooding all at once. I try and express emotion both through subject matter and my application of media which includes watercolour, gouache, graphite, cutout areas and wood veneer insertions into Arches paper. Recently, I have explored the possibilities of communicating the intricacies of mythic subjects through sculptural works. " Callum Douglas, August 2014
Brisbane-based Callum Douglas has a Diploma of Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft, Southbank Institute of Technology 2011 and was the inaugural Winner of the Anthea Polson Art Mentorship Award at the Breaking Heads, Southbank Institute of Technology Graduate Exhibition. He was a Finalist in the Moreton Bay Art Prize, Pine Rivers Regional Gallery, Queensland 2012.


Colourful Cities

"The busyness of a city is a fascination for me. There is always something going on. Under sunny or cloudy skies it's in constant motion, alive with the movement of people, transport, construction and their reflections in the water of rivers and harbour. This body of work is ‘the world according to Martin' in the cities I've visited The iconic landmarks of Melbourne, Sydney and my hometown Brisbane have been rendered in flat, colourful shapes and given a humorous element. Sometimes taking several weeks to complete, the new works have an even greater vibrancy of colour due to the many layers of paint. I think of them as being unintentionally more refined in the detailing and application of the acrylic medium and this has resulted in a less naïve look." Martin Edge August 2014
Brisbane-based Edge has achieved remarkable success at a young age. He gained the Merit Award, Moreton Bay Region Art Award, Pine Rivers Regional Gallery, Qld 2013 and was Winner, Dickson Community Award Qld, 2013 which was presented on Australia Day. He was Finalist Northbridge Art Prize, NSW 2010; Finalist Moreton Bay Regional Art Award, Pine Rivers Regional Gallery, Qld 2010; Commendation for best Main Roads Traffic Signal Box, Brisbane, Qld 2010; Winner Autism Queensland Creative Fututes Award 2010; Finalist 58th Blake Art Award NSW 2009; Shortlisted for Winner Q150 Traffic Signal Box, Brisbane Qld 2009; Aquisition by Moreton Bay Regional Gallery, Qld 2008; Certificate Of Merit, Arts alliance Pine Rivers, Qld 2008; Finalist Pine Rivers Regional Gallery Art Award, Qld 2008.
Edge's paintings are represented in a number of Collections including: State Library of Queensland, Brisbane; Parliament House Canberra, ACT; Gold Coast University Hospital, Qld; Ken Done, Private Collection, Sydney; Bruce Heiser, Private Collection, Brisbane; St James College Collection, Brisbane; Moreton Bay Regional Gallery, Qld; Randa Collection, Melbourne.



"The dress is a symbol of the phases and fragility of life. It represents the strong family ties between mother, daughter and grandmother and is a repository of the history of the person who once wore it. Like an empty chrysalis the dress represents birth, growth and decay and the interconnectedness of all living things. Resembling museum specimens, found recipes have morphed into chrysalis-like forms encased in Perspex boxes. The aged surfaces, coated in beeswax and dusted with gold leaf, reference family histories and the preservation of memories." Gaye Lincoln, August 2014
Brisbane-based Gaye Lincoln was awarded the Anthea Polson Art Mentorship Award at the Zinc Southbank Institute of Technology Graduate Exhibition 2012. She has a Diploma of Visual Art, Southbank Institute of Technology 2012, a Diploma of Education, QUT 1996 and a Bachelor of Arts, University of Queensland 1995. Lincoln was selected to exhibit in the Fifth Perspective Award Exhibition featuring five graduates of the Southbank Institute of Technology Diploma of Visual Arts 2013 and was a Finalist, Stanthorpe Art Prize, Stanthorpe Regional Gallery 2012 and Finalist, Green Dragon Art Prize, Brisbane 2010. Her works have been shown in Femme, Robina Art Gallery 2011; Tutor's Exhibition, Nona Gallery, Brisbane Institute of Art 2010 and Spectrum, Nona Gallery, Brisbane Institute of Art 2009.

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