Geoffrey Proud

'Myfanwy!' - a keepsake for girls (20 images)

August 21 - September 5 2009


I am Myfanwy!
Welsh rarebit I am!

I am La Luna I run like the wind!
I am Calypso with whales I swim!
I am Madrigal I weave and I spin!
Starbright I am I seek light within

I am Fortune my promise I keep...
I am Palomar my thoughts are deep
I am Peace my rooms always neat...
I am Heaven I sow and I reap

I am Fauve I love color and line
I am Harmony I'm oh so refined
I am Patience I skip and I rhyme
I am Waif always gentle and kind

Sunshine l am! I light up each day!
I am Paris I've a great deal to say
I am Simplicity... that's only my name
I am Melody I sing to the rain

I am Hope from the great North Sea
I am Sirocco - where spaghetti is free!
I am Serenity I guess I'm just me
I am Myfanwy! Welsh rarebit I am!

I've waited and waited for absolute ages
While the girls in this book use so many pages!
Now it's my turn at last to be Queen for a day
And having said that I've not much to say...

I'm clever I'm talented, adorably sweet
And wonderfully witty I wish we could meet!
We'd get along fine become very best friends!
It's unfortunate though because here
This book ENDS!

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