Veronica Cay

portraits from an ordinary life

February 25 - March 11 2017

Featured below are select works from Veronica Cay portraits from an ordinary life. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

The Last Sonnet Has Yet To Be Sung Peregrine Penharrow Trust Broken Rainbows
Fragments Of A Fifties Domestic Queen Where Do You Go To False Subtleties Crossed Safehaven
Waiting For The Bodger - Reupholstery Required There Was A Time Stormsurge Seek
Guide Me Petals Need The Sun Come Hither Bring Out The Sun
Doubt Casting Where Endurance Has No Bounds Siblings The Second Self That Rests Within
In Praise Of Brevity Stuck In The Middle This Ain't No Party Fool On The Hill
The Waiting Room Seated Woman 4 Seated Woman 3 Seated Woman 2
Seated Woman 1 Waiting Irresolute Being Edith Was
School Formals Are Over Rated The Freeloader Did She Really Put A Cornetto On My Head False Pride (And Maybe A Few Crocodile Tears)

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