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Jill Lewis

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Featured below are select works by Jill Lewis. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Bird Man And Friends The Walking Fish Is A Sign, They Said And They Did Their Own Things in Their Own Ways The Survivor Paradox
They Sang And She Needed Them Return Of The Midnight Horse Memories Recharged And Renewed The Curious Art Of Thought Swapping
Gathering At The Ancient River 1 & 2 Encounters Misunderstood Do You Eat Grass and Have You Met The Queen A Place For No Rushing
Water Spirits in the Rain Language In Animal Code Reasons And Seasons Protectors And Guardians Of An Uncomplicated Life
They Only Need And Want The Moon Witnessed And Judged Only By Palm Trees Unmeasured Moments Rocking Horse Consulting A Cloud
A Story Of Random Social Connections If You're Looking For Technology You've Come To The Wrong Town Two Hearts, No Baggage The Hesitant Ones