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Marilyn Peck

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Featured below are select works by Marilyn Peck. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

En Famille Transfiguration Journey To The Underworld Debutante
Memories of Stories Told A Selection Of Fruit The Red Shoes Where Is The Knight
This Cluster Of Holly This Axe Hung On The Wall Therefore This Yuletide Passed Christmas Came Again
I Welcome You Sir Knight With Fair Pursuasive Words My Honour I Would Lose The Conditions Of My Enchantment
Dame Ragnelle Was The Fairest There Was Great Celebration There Was Never A Woman Dearer Sir Gawain Helps The Three Sisters Mount Their Palfreys
What Say You To Helping This Young Knight Who Is In Much Distress Seek The Young Maidens Who Had Told Gawain About His So Called Death The Manor House Is Soon A Scene Of Great Bustle Sir Escanore Rises Early