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Erin Flannery

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Featured below are select works by Erin Flannery. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

GC Gwen quickly discovered the flowers on her new shopper tote were not edible Under the Bonnet on Bread Board Rosie on Leaf Plate Black Skirt Backup on Bread Board
Under The Bonnett Kitty Takes Five Stripe Crew Joanie Multitasks
Black Skirt Backup Black velveteen makes headlines Esther rides the plane of symmetry Elle touches shoulders with last years gallery stripe tee
The Importance Of White Space And Wondering Lady In Garden Variety Hat Frida With Handmade Wings The Red Cheeks of Rosie
Sorbet Swimming Cap (Not the Best in Water) Lady in Tutt-Frutti Hat Edith wants to be Your Facebook Friend (small) Lina
Black Betty Floating Beauty The Big Book Of Fairy Tales Cut PG:292 The Big Book Of Fairy Tales Cut PG:219