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Erin Flannery

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Featured below are select works by Erin Flannery. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Hot Shot, Polka Dot (with topknot) Judy Discovered Her Crown Was No Cure For A Headache Under One's Beehive Girl With The Leafy Earrings
Frankie Hides In The Glove Section Elle's Pussy Bow Topknot Combo Seemed to Work Mary Mary Quite Contrary in Reflective Mode Hands 01
The Waiting Game Kitty Weighs Up Her Options Kat Lies Low Rose in bathers on cotton
Mim without face on cotton Lily in spotty pants on cotton Agnes On Cotton Jeannie On Cotton In Blue Togs
Mary Mary Quite Contrary Kitty Takes Five (#3) Under the Bonnet and on Deck Monday Morning Latte Line Up Continues #2
Monas Tough Side Kitty Takes Five #2 Kat Lies Low Kitty weighs up her options