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Erin Flannery

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Featured below are select works by Erin Flannery. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Ivy With A Head Full Of Dreams Mona With A Head Full Of Dreams Penny With A Head Full Of Dreams Verna With A Head Full Of Dreams
Little Lady With A Head Full Of Dreams Plain Jane Goes Against The Tide Wendy's Dreams Hid In Her Turban Blackbird Caught In Downpour
Marnie Takes A Sideways Approach Dreamcatcher Double Halos Of Cotton And Thread Bird Girl Considers Her Next Big Move #2
They Got The Pinafore Kitchen Blues Evie waits patiently under the mistletoe Trendy Top Knot Goodness Hands 03
Hands 02 Under the Bonnett on Leaf Platter Jeannie's Dress Resembled a Barcode Coffee Cohorts on Breadboard
Bird Girl on Breadboard Sylvie's Unconventional Bowtie Selection Frankie With Lacey Halo Monday Morning Latte Line Up Continues In A Big Way