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Erin Flannery

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Featured below are select works by Erin Flannery. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement and work details.

Patchwork Pearl Strikes Again Luna Sea: Ocean of Stars Luna Sea: Cosmic Space Luna Sea: With Cosmic Views
Frankie Sails the Seven Seas Sandy Sails the Seven Seas Luna Sea: Ocean Of Colour Luna Sea: Full Of Peach And Pink
Sandy Swallows Rainbow Number Two Luna Sea : Christmas Bauble Edition Dream State : Neon Nights Dream State
Two Shop With Books, Bags And A Barcode Dress Astrid With Short Hair Luna Sea: Lake Of Dreams Luna Sea: Bay Of Rainbows
Two Right Hands On Board #1 Bee On Board With Different Scarf Beverly On Board Sandy Swallowed A Rainbow
Dreamcatcher On Breadboard Hand On Breadboard #1 Bee On Breadboard The Chair That Came Out Of The Closet #9